Monday, June 3, 2013


It has been a while since I have posted anything and my dear friend asked me the other night when the next one would be.  I felt like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert on the inside that someone actually cared!!! J  So with that said, this post is going to be a mish-mash of stuff:
 1)      I got my haircut and highlighted the other day and I LOVE it!  It doesn’t look much different to most people, but the person that highlighted my hair the time before basically took huge chunks of my hair and dyed it orangey blonde.  No bueno.  It wasn’t THAT bad, but I had to part it the same exact way every day just to cover up the huge chunks of orange.  Plus, she didn’t get that close to my roots so it looked like I had 2 months of re-growth after just getting it done.  So, I tried out another new stylist and she was amazing.  Fixed my hair from the last appointment and added just the right amount of highlights and lowlights.  I am just loving it!  It’s amazing what good hair can do for your mood.
2)      I suckered my friend Keena into working out with me at 5am this morning and we totally rocked it.  We ran 3.3 miles, did 300 reps of ab exercises, and then did 2 rounds of jacks, squats, drills, planks, burpees, high knees, and push-ups.  I was done for by the end but felt awesome going into the day knowing I didn’t have to work out after work.  We are hoping to do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week.  Her bachelorette party is in 3 weeks and I have to wear a swimsuit so I am kicking my own ass for a while.  OR, I will be investing in a body suit or spray tan abs. J
3)      Kamden is officially crawling.  Sometimes he has a lean to him and sometimes he straight army crawls, but nonetheless, that little man is crawling.  Such a big boy!  He is quick too.  Now we really cannot take our eyes off him…not that I could anyway with all that beauty!

Fort Kamden

My heart melts :)

Big boy holding his own bottle
4)      The past couple weekends we haven’t had much going on and it’s been amazing.  I’m not even mad.  We have been getting little projects done around the house, having family QT time, and have been able to chill out.
5)      I started the 300/30 ab challenge with some other bloggers a couple weeks ago and lasted a day.  After one day of the exercises my ab flexors were so sore that I could barely pick up a leg to walk…I literally had to use my hands to pull my leg up to get in and out of the car.  So I took a 2 week break and re-introduced the challenge this morning.  We will see if I make it to work tomorrow.
6)      I went for a run last Thursday night after Kamden went to bed.  It had rained all day but had cleared up so I figured I had enough time to run 3 miles.  Well I was wrong.  About halfway through it started to downpour, it was thundering and lightning, and I was certain my iPhone was going to attract the lightning and I was going to die.  I had to run up a hill at the end to get back to my house and it was as if I was running against a river flowing at me.  I passed someone else who had the same idea I had and we both nodded at each in agreement that we were morons.
7)      I am playing softball on an all-ladies team every Tuesday night and we had our first game last week.  Since I was pregnant the summer before I didn’t play so I was pretty nervous going into it.  I am not that great either way, but last week I probably had the best game of my life.  I had 5 hits, caught a few balls in the outfield, and overall didn’t cause embarrassment for my team.  I was pretty happy!  Hopefully that wasn’t a fluke and I play decent again tomorrow.  My sister-in-law is fairly certain Kamden somehow passed on some softball skills while he was is in my belly.  Then my husband said that he is basically destined to be a pro baseball player and will most likely end up playing at Camden Yards. J  Remember us KB when you are rich and famous (aka send us into early retirement please)!!!!

8)      Last week I went out for a few for my friend Leah’s birthday!  Of course I had a blast and there were many laughs.  It’s just so nice to be able to hang with the girls (and Sho) even if it’s just for a few hours.  Happy Golden Birthday Leah!!!!  I also freaked them out by telling my centipede story…muahahahahahaha.
9)      My brother wrote me a hand-written letter and I love it!  I don’t know when the last time I have gotten a letter in the mail that was hand-written and not a bill!! He even had some code words in there that I had to figure out using his code table.  Pretty sweet.  Now I need to write him back!
10)   I went shopping yesterday for a pair of jeans and ended up buying 3 pairs and 4 shirts.  I am pretty pumped about it because I haven’t shopped in a while and I was having withdrawals.  I bought some hot pink cropped skinnies and I am in love with them.  I also got some white ones and this really cute coral blue shirt that I will be wearing for Kamden’s 6 month (at 8 months) pictures this Wednesday!  I am pretty excited to only semi resemble Shamu in these pictures versus his newborn pictures at 6 days old. 
Welp, that’s all I can think of right now.   Hope everyone’s Monday is breezing by!
Peace out!

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