Friday, May 16, 2014

Sorry I'm not sorry....

I am linking up with Crystal and Megan on some things I pretend I am sorry about. J Everyone has those things/events/needs/wants/lose your shit moments that you are just plain not sorry about. Nobody is perfect so why try to act like it? I have no idea the direction I am trying to go here with this paragraph so I am just going to start telling you the things I am really not sorry about now….. If you are still here….
Sorry I’m not sorry that…
Our house, mostly the living room, looks like someone robbed us. Between the books scattered, million Lego pieces, drips of juice and milk on EVERYTHING, crushed goldfish (the crackers, not the actual fish), a freaking slide, pillows, blankets, clothes, toys you can ride, trucks - you name it and it’s probably in our living room somewhere. I basically close my eyes as I walk through so I don’t lose my shit. 
Just for the record, this is not our living room. Also, do you see all those VHS tapes!!???
 Sorry I’m not sorry that….
Last night while I was having an anxiety attack about whether I should clean or not, I instead had a couple glasses of wine and read a book. READ you say? Yes, this girl is actually reading a book. And it doesn’t even have any pictures. I guess you could call me an adult now. 
Sorry I’m not sorry that…..
Sometimes I take a half day or a full day and still keep KB at daycare. In my defense, I grew up basically as an only child (my brotha from anotha motha is 12 and lives in AZ). So, I need my alone time. That way when I am talking to myself no one can give me the crazy eyes, unless I am giving the crazy eyes to myself….. (Please don’t check me in to the looney bin) 
This meme never gets old
Sorry I’m not sorry that…..
This morning I was laughing under my breath as Kamden ran around our house yelling (just to make noise) while Bud was trying to get him out the door. He totally reminded me of Kevin in Home Alone when he is running all around with his arms in the air through all the chaos the night before they leave him…ya know, home alone. 
This may or may not have been Bud's face this morning....
Sorry I’m not sorry that…..
I wear my hair up in a bun on an average of 4.5 times during the week out of sheer laziness. This whole get up, work out, take care of some business thing is exhausting and I need every minute of sleep I can get. If I don’t shower, my hair is up and it takes about 5 minutes. If I shower, I spend 20+ minutes just blow drying my hair. Be a Judy and judge if you want, but if I do my math right, a bun it is! 
Sorry this is blurry but I had to use it for the saying...
Sorry I’m not sorry that….
Almost every day on my way home from picking up Kamden I have to pee like a race horse. Like, OMG, I am going to pee my pants all over and if I get stuck behind a slow driver or don’t catch every green light I will be spending my evening sanitizing the driver’s seat. For real. Sometimes I even have to go in and pee before I get KB out of the car. Don’t worry, like I said, I pee like a race horse so I am in and out in 93 seconds flat. In the meantime KB is probably saying “babies-babies-babies” when he is actually referring to the birdies chirping outside. J
I just had to add this. This is KB's first attempt at ice-cream last summer :)
Now, let’s all do a happy dance because it’s Friday and the weekend awaits us! Hopefully Monday takes its time before making an appearance....


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