Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Random stuff on this Wednesday....

It’s been a while since I had a post of my random thoughts. Not that people were crying about it, but I just haven’t posted in a while because I have writer’s block. Also, I missed my Monday Motivation post this week because my work out and meal plans are basically the same every week…and that’s kind of boring. I am thinking of switching it up and posting about other motivating stuff…just not sure the direction I want to go with that yet. Ideas are always welcome, so if you have them - comment below! J
Anyway, random thoughts in 5…4…3…2…1….
~ A friend of mine posted an article on Facebook about a fish with a parasite on its tongue and it literally made me want to vom.
~ I met up with a couple friends last night and had such a good time just chatting. I haven’t actually gone to a friend’s house to hang out in months…maybe even a year. I like.
~ Kamden is speeding to the terrible two stage. This morning he darted from shaking the floor lamp, to trying to put his hands in the toilet, to trying to break into our bedroom, back to the floor lamp, back to the bathroom…you get the jist. Also, every time I pick him up from the sitter’s after work I get the best arm work out of my entire life because if I am not bear hugging him into submission, he is sprinting down the driveway while I try to get filled in on his day. All of this accompanied with a temper tantrum. Lovely times.
~ My grandma made me curtains for our kitchen window and I am in love with them. I bet my grandma is better than yours any day.
~ I really, REALLY want to add some blonde to my hair for the “summer.” (We live in Wisconsin where our weather is more bipolar than a raggin’ teenage girl.)
~ I am kind of surprised I just referenced a “raggin’ teenage girl.”
~ I could really use a tan.
~ Did you know that suntan lotion expires after a year? Me neither. Well, now I do and so do you! HA!
~ I have had coffee with creamer (aka heaven) 1 time in the last month and a half. How am I even still alive????
~ I went on a mini spree last weekend and it still took me 20 minutes to pick out an outfit this morning.
~ I find glory in drinking water until my pee is clear.
~ One of my challengers in my group offered up 9 packets of Shakeology for FREE because she wants to pay it forward for anyone who wants to try them out. Talk about being an amazing person. She really is so nice. This means that I am going to come up with some sort of giveaway. Stay tuned for that.
~ BABIES-BABIES-BABIES. I have 2 pregnant friends right now. One due any day and the other this fall. I need to get pregnant ASAP before my ovaries have a mental breakdown.
~ Speaking of mental breakdowns, I am happy to report that my chaotic work life has simmered down for the time being. THANK YOU BABY JESUS!
~ A co-worker shared with me a video of her 4 year old daughter saying “fuck.” In all honesty, it was the funniest video I have seen in a long time.
~ We are bringing Kamden to the Madison zoo in a couple weeks and I am pumped! He has never been to the zoo and he’s at the age where he can recognize certain animals. It’s going to be so fun!!!! Also, my mother-in-law got us a wagon that has freaking drink holders. Hello to drinking adult beverages with the penguins!!!
~ We start volleyball tomorrow night and I haven’t played in a couple years…..
~ How did I not try Siracha before a month ago????
Okay, I think that’s enough for now. Happy Wednesday….halfway through the week, woop woop!!


  1. Haha! Love the randomness. I totally read it as though you were in my ear talking a mile-a-minute. :)


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