Tuesday, January 13, 2015

29 Weeks

How far along are you? 29 weeks on Wednesday!

How I’m feeling: I am still feeling really good overall, but this last week I have been totally drained. Maybe the baby is going through a growth spurt or something?? Also, this cold/flu/crap has been going around so I think that has something to do with it. Is it summer yet??

Total weight gain: 19 pounds. I am still able to wear my non-maternity jeans, even though my maternity jeans are a lot more comfy! J

How big is baby? 2 ½ pounds - about the size of a butternut squash.

Maternity clothes: I still wear a mixture of normal and maternity clothes. Good thing longer and looser fitting shirts are in style because I haven’t had to buy ton to accommodate this growing belly!

Sleep: Still doing well with sleep even though I am to the point where a daily nap would be glorious!!

Best moment this week: I don’t know if this is my “best” moment but instead my funniest moment, but the other day Kamden patted me on the boob and said “baby kick??” Apparently he is a little confused as to where this baby is located!! J
Movement: Tons of movement! I honestly feel like she is dancing around in there constantly. Probably jumping around and fist-pumping if she takes after her mother! ;)
Food cravings: Still loving peanut butter everything. My sweet tooth has been tamed, but I still like a treat here and there. I drink Shakeology which helps with that but I still find myself craving ice cream and chocolate. Fruit is another craving of mine….probably because it’s sweet tasting.

Food aversions: Nothing so far, thankfully! Although, my sense of smell is definitely heightened. I feel like a super-hero.

Belly button in or out: I am sporting an outie! It’s not too bad but it’s definitely out there!

What I Miss: I am going to keep this answer consistent and go with “wine.” I have also been daydreaming about having a honey-bear on a warm, summer day. I just need this winter to go away already.  

What I’m looking forward to: Getting baby girl’s room ready! We moved Kamden into the spare room and into a big boy bed a couple weekends ago. I am not going to lie, I was pretty emotional about it because after we got his room painted, bed set, up, etc., his old room just looked so empty. I spent many nights in that room rocking him and seeing his abandoned crib just made me sad. I know that it will be occupied again but there is something about seeing your first born grow up. I am sure it’s the same for all kids but I just have this one to reference so humor me and agree. J

Milestone: I am officially in the third trimester, whoop whoop!!! Not that this pregnancy has been hard or anything like that, but I am just ready to be done. I am so excited to meet this baby and not worry about every little thing I am doing, eating, drinking, breathing in (I held my breath longer than I ever expected to while walking through my work parking garage because it smelled like gasoline so bad)…. I am just ready to feel normal again! I like to break down the time I have left into segments…so, by the end of this month I will be 31 weeks. Then it’s Bud’s birthday, then the Superbowl, and then by the end of February I will be full-term! So, this baby is more than welcome to make an appearance anytime in March!  #wishfulthinking