Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wrut Row Rorge

I signed up for the Wrut Run with my friends Keena and John on October 5th.  When I agreed to do this I thought I knew what it was all about so I just said yes while thinking to myself that I can run up the mountain a couple times, no biggie.  There is a road that goes up the mountain that I have ran up before so I thought I could totally do this and thought nothing of it.  What I come to find out is that it’s a FOUR hour relay race with 2 mile loops each time and the route is on a trail that is not pretty and paved like the road.  Last Sunday I met them both to run the race trail to practice and HOLY MAN that was tough!  I survived running up the face of the mountain through weeds, trees, gravel, snake holes that scared the bejesus out of me, and mud.  Running up the trail was rough because I felt like I was walking horizontally most of the time and on the way down I feared for my life with every step because my feet kept slipping.  Afterwards, I coughed for about 30 hours straight, no lie.  I woke up the next morning still coughing and was convinced I had bronchitis.  Well I didn’t, but I am still pretty sore from all that mountain running we did.  And we only ran 1 loop.  Race day I will probably have to run it 3 times.    THREE TIMES!!!???  I am going to have to really start training to be prepared unless I want to take the gondola down on a stretcher. 
In other news, I found a couple colors that I would like to paint our living room and dining room/kitchen with.  Apparently when your husband tells you that he doesn’t really know what he likes and that he is not good at this type of stuff that doesn’t mean you have the go ahead to pick colors on your own.  So, after “conversing” last night about it for almost an hour (well maybe not that long) he agreed we would paint the weekend after Labor Day.  YAY!  I know he is not excited like I am, but I have been envisioning our house painted for a while and it looks per-itty fantastic.  I am hoping he comes around to the colors more because I do think that it will look really good (obviously).  Otherwise, I am open to other suggestions since we have a few weeks to officially make a decision.   I mean, right now we have white walls with a cream colored couch!!  Not a huge deal but it makes our couch look dirty, which is no good.  I mean, between the spit up and food spills it might be a little dirty, but the wall color makes it 10 times worse. ;)
That's all I have for now.  Anyone watch Real Housewives of the OC Reunion, Part 2 of 3 last night????  I did and wished I would have had a couple glasses of wine to go with that craziness.  BOOF!  Sidenote: A 3 part reunion?? A little excessive much!!??  It's cool, I still love it.
Peace out!!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Welp, it’s been another month since I have blogged last….Devon for the fail.  But, to my defense we have been really, really, busy!!  For all of us that live in the Midwest, you know that once the warm weather rolls around (or lack thereof) we jam pack every single trip, activity, party, etc. into the 3 months of summer.  So this post will be more of a catch up of what’s been happening lately and random thoughts or observances, if you will.  Here goes.... 
Keena is now officially a FLORA!  We celebrated Keena and Jesse’s wedding the end of July and it was such an awesome day!  The ceremony was held at park by a lake and it was so pretty.  The weather wasn’t the greatest since it was a little chilly and rained here and there, but for the ceremony the sun peaked through, the wind calmed down, and it was perfect.  Keena looked absolutely stunning!  (I wouldn’t expect anything less!) I cannot wait to see the photographer’s pictures from that day.  Keena had a lot of really fun ideas…so fun that at one point one of the bridesmaids, Leah, asked “are we going to do any normal pictures?” hahaha.  The reception was also a lot of fun with live music, great food, and great people.  Speaking of Leah, she got down so hard on the dance floor that night that she fractured her foot!  Girl knows how to partay!  Great times were had by all.  Here are some pictures from the day:
I posted this on IG the Thursday before Keena's wedding
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At the rehearsal - so pretty these 2!

The bride with her bridesmaids (minus her sister)

Leah and I

The morning of!

Shurn & Kevin

"I'm married!!??  How did this happen??!!"

With my sisters in law - Jenna and Jamie
Sidenote: That dress is HOT Jamie!!!! ;)

Jamie photo bomb

Shurn and Kevin sandwhich

Jeffrey: "Get a picture of me and Devon - we always take the greatest pictures" hahaha

Budder <3

The following weekend after Keena’s wedding, we had another wedding to go to in Minneapolis.  The wedding was held downtown at a church, and the ceremony was on the 51st (or was it the 50th?  I dunno, there was free wine) floor of the IDS Building which overlooked the city, and more importantly, overlooked Target Field and the Metrodome.  The Twins were playing at Target Field and the entire stadium was lit up - looked pretty sweet from up above.  The wedding was pretty fancy but not too fancy for this lad.  The night before when I was trying to figure out what to wear, Bud walked into our room to find me pouting.  I just couldn’t find anything that looked that great.  I had a dress that was strapless that I was contemplating on wearing, but I wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with it and I KNEW that I would have a Janet Jackson moment for sure if I wore it.  So, Bud gave me the nod to try and find a dress at either Kohl’s or Target.  Well, it was 8pm so I had about 2 hours to figure something out before the stores closed.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I ran to Kohl’s and had no luck.  I saw that Gordman’s was still open and then was quickly reminded that I am not 15 and can’t shop there.  My last resort was Target, and to my surprise I found the perfect dress for $25!  Anyway, back to the wedding.  We left for Minneapolis the morning of from Wausau, which is about a 3 ½ hour drive.  We had the GPS, our phones, and the address of the church.  We should be able to find the church no problem.  Nope, not us.  We get into the cities and somehow Bud and I were not on the same page (weird) and I had the GPS programmed to find the church, and my phone to find the hotel.  Bud was going off the GPS and I was going off my phone and long story short, and a temper tantrum later, we got to the church with about 5 minutes to spare.  I was naturally sweating profusely.  We find our friends, sit down, and shit you not, about 2 minutes later this couple sits down right behind us and the girl is wearing the SAME DRESS as me!!!!!!!  Curse words flew through my head for a couple seconds and then I reminded myself that I am in church and need to clean it up.  Anyway, the girl luckily wasn’t in the group we would be hanging out with most of the night so it worked out pretty good.   The reception was great - good music and good food.  Bud had a little stint with gout in his foot and couldn’t really walk or dance, which I felt really bad for him.  But apparently I didn’t feel bad enough to get up and dance my ass off for about an hour.  I just had to.  Once the beat hits me…. 

What a creep

En route to Minneapolis

Me feeling REAL fancy

Greg and Holly

Sticky, Noodle, and Lardel

Jake and Olivia

After 2 wedding weekends in a row, and a Hodag before the wedding weekends, I was definitely ready to chill out for a bit.  The following week after the Minneapolis wedding we had a trip planned up North with family.  It was much needed.  I was starting to feel really bad about being so busy on the weekends because that meant not seeing Kamden as much.  So this trip came in perfect timing and we got to spend 5 full days with KB.  It was so awesome.  We were up North from Tuesday night through Saturday and did nothing more than relax on the pontoon, eat good food, spend time with family, played games, and just chilled out.  I wish we could have stayed up there another week.  Kamden did awesome on his first family trip too.  J

Just a little windy on the pontoon :)

So serious

Just a couple Buds

Jaxson, Marcus, and Kamden playing outside

Baby obstacle course

After almost 11 months of trying to lose the baby weight I am officially at my pre-preg weight.  I have been about 2 pounds away for over a month and I finally made it there this last week.  This is kind of weird to me because I stopped working out for about 2 ½ weeks, didn’t really care what I was eating, and somehow lost weight.  I think it was because I was in a plateau and needed to switch things up.  So I did for a bit, and now I am back to working out again more regularly and to eating hopefully a little better than I have been lately.  It also could have been because I had a PBJ for 2 meals in a row and then weighed myself after a run.  ;)  I have 10 more pounds to go before my goal so I am hoping I can kick it into gear! 

My cute running partner

Kamden is starting to say a couple words now and it’s the cutest thing in the history of the world.  He has been saying “da da da” for a while now and when we came back from the wedding in the cities, he was saying “ma ma ma”!!!  (I almost cried)  He is also saying “uh oh” and when I tell him “no” he replies with “no no no no.”  I just love it!  I think the things little kids say are the absolute cutest and funniest.  It does remind me that my thug rap listening days are coming to an end…at least until I can get the edited versions.  Also, Kamden is getting really close to walking.  He scales furniture, pulls himself up on anything, and has attempted to stand without holding on to anything and even took a couple wobbly steps away from the couch (and then immediately back again).  I think it’s so cool to see him hit these milestones!  Our little baby boy is growing too fast and is turning 1 next month already!!!  HOLY SMOKES!

I said "no" and this is his reaction....

This is totally normal

He would rather eat his dresser, naked, then get dressed after bath time

Such a goof-ball
Summer is starting to wind down which pretty much sucks, but on the bright side that means football is coming, American Horror Story is starting back up along with all the other shows I love that start in the Fall, and my birthday is coming.  Although I love my birthday and I love celebrating my birthday for days at a time, I still can’t help but panic a little that I will be 1 year away from 30.  WTF.  How did I get to be almost 30??  It’s okay, I won’t cry too hard.  I do know that I can be cheered up by presents….lots and lots of presents….and wine, don’t forget the wine.

I think that's about it......and now that I have used up all my energy for the day, I best get back to work.  Happy Friday!!!
~Devon out.