Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wrut Row Rorge

I signed up for the Wrut Run with my friends Keena and John on October 5th.  When I agreed to do this I thought I knew what it was all about so I just said yes while thinking to myself that I can run up the mountain a couple times, no biggie.  There is a road that goes up the mountain that I have ran up before so I thought I could totally do this and thought nothing of it.  What I come to find out is that it’s a FOUR hour relay race with 2 mile loops each time and the route is on a trail that is not pretty and paved like the road.  Last Sunday I met them both to run the race trail to practice and HOLY MAN that was tough!  I survived running up the face of the mountain through weeds, trees, gravel, snake holes that scared the bejesus out of me, and mud.  Running up the trail was rough because I felt like I was walking horizontally most of the time and on the way down I feared for my life with every step because my feet kept slipping.  Afterwards, I coughed for about 30 hours straight, no lie.  I woke up the next morning still coughing and was convinced I had bronchitis.  Well I didn’t, but I am still pretty sore from all that mountain running we did.  And we only ran 1 loop.  Race day I will probably have to run it 3 times.    THREE TIMES!!!???  I am going to have to really start training to be prepared unless I want to take the gondola down on a stretcher. 
In other news, I found a couple colors that I would like to paint our living room and dining room/kitchen with.  Apparently when your husband tells you that he doesn’t really know what he likes and that he is not good at this type of stuff that doesn’t mean you have the go ahead to pick colors on your own.  So, after “conversing” last night about it for almost an hour (well maybe not that long) he agreed we would paint the weekend after Labor Day.  YAY!  I know he is not excited like I am, but I have been envisioning our house painted for a while and it looks per-itty fantastic.  I am hoping he comes around to the colors more because I do think that it will look really good (obviously).  Otherwise, I am open to other suggestions since we have a few weeks to officially make a decision.   I mean, right now we have white walls with a cream colored couch!!  Not a huge deal but it makes our couch look dirty, which is no good.  I mean, between the spit up and food spills it might be a little dirty, but the wall color makes it 10 times worse. ;)
That's all I have for now.  Anyone watch Real Housewives of the OC Reunion, Part 2 of 3 last night????  I did and wished I would have had a couple glasses of wine to go with that craziness.  BOOF!  Sidenote: A 3 part reunion?? A little excessive much!!??  It's cool, I still love it.
Peace out!!

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  1. Post the dang colors!! I wanna see! Color is a wonderful thing, it will change your whole house. I am sure it will be great. You know your grandmother is THE BEST person to ask about colors. She factors in woodwork, carpet and furniture colors.....she is the expert and she has never steered me wrong. You should consult.


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