Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year, new goals, new possibilities....

Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions. Everyone is making them and I bet about 80% of them include some form of weight loss or getting healthy goals. (I totally just made up that statistic so don’t quote me on that!)
I too, like many other people, have always made the resolution to lose weight once the New Year starts. It just seems fitting after the holiday festivities slow down and I am not surrounded by cookies, cakes, pies, egg nog, cookies, cakes, pies….you get what I am saying. I always say that I am going to work-out more, eat less and finally get down to my goal weight! I usually set my deadline to achieve this goal weight around the start of summer so I can rock a bikini and not feel so self-conscious. But, you know what happens every single year? I work-out and eat well for about 2 weeks and then my motivation fizzles. Before I know it, it’s June and my shorts don’t fit. >>>>>>Insert sad face. Then I go on another kick to work-out and eat well until cook-outs, vacations and summer bevs (hello honey-bears!!) happen. By the end of the summer I am usually not anywhere near my initial goal and at that point I just coast back into the holidays because it’s sweater-weather and I can hide anything under a sweater and leggings. Then it’s NYE again and I am making the same damn resolution as I did the year before!!!! It’s just a vicious cycle that I never can seem to get out of…. Until this last year.
This last spring I finally told myself enough was enough and got my act together. I became a Beachbody coach and learned how to eat clean and incorporate daily exercise. And I am not talking about running 5+ miles, 5-6 days a week like I thought I had to do. I am talking 30-45 minute work-outs, 5-6 days a week in the comfort of my home. With the support of my coach, and other challengers in my groups I run as a coach, I was able to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allowed me to lose weight (17 lbs) without having to feel so deprived all the time. I could still enjoy the cook-outs, adult bevs (in moderation, obviously), vacations  and still stay on top of my weight loss and health goals.  I learned how to incorporate healthy living into my life to use forever and not just a month or so. I have gone on diets where I have lost 10 or so pounds to only gain it back a month later. NOT FUN AT ALL AND NOT WORTH IT.
So, this year, being that I am pregnant, is a little different for me. Not that I don’t have a goal weight I would like to get to because HELLO, I am pregnant and better not stay at this weight after the baby is here!! J This year is different because I won’t have to change much from what I have been already doing. Because I was able to learn how to maintain this lifestyle through all the seasons of life, I have been able to keep my work-outs and mostly clean eating going throughout my entire pregnancy so far. Sure, I have splurged a little more than I normally would (because pregnancy cravings), but overall I am so used to making healthier choices that it has been like second-nature to me. I still work-out 5-6 days each week and plan to up until baby girl enters this world. Working out has made a tremendous difference in how I feel so far being pregnant. So really, my New Year’s resolution is to continue what I am doing but at a higher intensity (once I am able after baby) to get back to my goal weight. In 2015 I will be the best shape of my life because I have the tools, knowledge, and support to do so. Gets me REALLY excited! I just know how good it feels to be healthy and feel good about yourself!
In year’s past I would focus my New Year’s resolutions on weight loss and weight loss only, but this year I want to make sure to focus on a few other things as well. They are:
~ To be more present. I tend to get caught up in work between my actual job and coaching business that I sometimes feel distracted from what is going on around me. My resolution is to plan out my day better and actually stick to that plan so I can designate time in my day to work and have other time to spend with family and friends.
~ To focus on my hubs more. With having a kid (and one on the way) time at home can get hectic. By the time we have any alone time I am usually exhausted or distracted (see above) and that is just not cool.
~ To actually send out birthday, holiday, etc. cards/gifts ON TIME for once in my life! I am horrible at this! I have really good intentions but never seem to act on them on time. This year I need to do better! No more “I’m just trying to make your birthday celebration last longer” excuse!! J
What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do they include weight loss or getting healthy?
If you are looking to lose weight and get healthy in 2015 let me know! My next challenge group starts on January 5th! You can fill out the application to be considered here:
I am excited to share this life-changing opportunity with people who are committed to making 2015 their healthiest and BEST year yet!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Pregnancy Hormones

Last night as I was lying in bed….far later than I thought I would be when I started my day, I got to thinking about my night. A typical week night for me is picking up Kamden after work at the sitter’s house, then 9 times of out of 10 we make a stop at the grocery store or Sam’s Club, we get home, I turn on Nick Jr. to distract KB while I scrounge up some sort of dinner that he may or may not eat depending on how bad he wants a PB&J, Bud gets home from work, we play with letters/cars/read books/chase each other until it’s either bath time or time for bed.
As of the last few weeks Kamden has been REFUSING to go to bed. He flat out yells, cries, screams, throws a fit, flails out of our arms as we carry him into his room….pretty much anything that falls into the “tantrum” category goes down. What happened to our little boy that would go to bed with ease? Who would grab his blanket and his nuk and walk himself into his room when it was bedtime? Well, he has been long-gone for the past couple weeks and I miss the little guy.
Anyway, last night was no different. He fought and fought and FOUGHT going to bed. He crawls out of his crib constantly (he’s moving into a big boy bed after Xmas), cries, yells, talks, jumps in his crib, turns on his closet light from his crib, kicks the side of his crib…basically anything he can do to NOT fall asleep. I think we had to put him back to bed last night about 15 times….not exaggerating at all. Usually Bud and I switch off who gets him and puts him back because 1) it’s exhausting and 2) one of us is usually about to go ballistic on our kid. In the midst of the circus that is now KB’s bedtime, Bud had to run to the store and I was rolling solo. It had been a good 7 minutes and 34 seconds since he crawled out last, so I was starting to think we were in the clear. As I was cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes I heard a knock on his bedroom door and as I turned the corner to try to catch him in the act I see his door creep open and him walking out with his head down, and smiling. As if the lack of eye-contact and the knock to let me know he was coming out would make him invisible….nice try kiddo. I scooped him up immediately before he could dart off down the hall and he immediately started whining and crying. This time I was going to try a different route with putting him back to bed. I picked up his blanket, draped it over my shoulder, grabbed his nuk (yes, he still sleeps with one - get over it) and laid his head on my shoulder and started singing to him. It took a few seconds, but I could feel him nuzzling into me and getting comfortable. He was quiet. He laid on my shoulder while I sang to him (You are My Sunshine, Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, Rock-a-Bye-Baby). It was almost as if every stress I was feeling from him not going to bed was lifted right off me. I couldn’t help but think that at that moment he was my baby again instead of a crazy 2-year old toddler. I hadn’t rocked him like that or had him snuggle up to me like that in a long time. As much as I wanted to freak out about 5 minutes prior, I really wanted that moment to last forever. I know the time when he will not want to lay his head on my shoulder or when my songs won’t calm him down is coming faster than I can imagine. That moment was a reminder to just slow down and take a moment with my son. It was a reminder that those moments are going to be few and far between as he gets older and that I should take advantage of them while I can.
After about 15 minutes of rocking him and singing to him I laid him back in his crib. He was calm and didn’t throw a fit this time…..even though he still climbed out again about 5 minutes later…..
Thankfully that was the last time for the night. The time was 9:38pm.
So, as I am lying in bed last night, thinking about my all that went down, all I can picture is Kamden’s face smiling at me. That smile he gives me when I pick him up after work as he runs to me while excitedly yelling “mama!!!!” He just has the most amazing smile and biggest, brightest blue eyes. For some reason I started thinking about how it will be in a few years or so when he is older, playing sports, etc. I pictured myself sitting in the stands watching him play some sport and catching that same smile again. About how I will still be able to see that little 2-year old boy in my not-so little boy. Of course, I started bawling. Time just goes so fast and I am 25 weeks pregnant. Hormones.
It’s so easy to get stressed and caught up in sticking to a schedule or a routine as a parent. I love the nights that go according to plan because I feel so accomplished and like I actually have my life together. But, I need to also learn to love the nights that don’t. Maybe last night was a way to tell me to cherish these moments with my son because I have a little girl on the way that is going to take up a lot of my attention. Maybe it was a way to let me know that Kamden, as much as he sometimes fights it, still really needs me too. Or maybe it was God’s way of preparing me for the chaos that is having 2 kids under the age of 3. J

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

21 Weeks

Excuse the awkward bathroom selfie ;)

How far along are you? Today I am officially 21 weeks! Past the halfway mark, whoop-whoop!!!

How I’m feeling: Overall, I am feeling great. These last few days I have been extra tired and REAL hungry, but overall I am feeling good. I am still running and working out and I think that is helping me feel better this go-around. I recently purchased a belly sports bra that I am going to test out tonight! With all my running my belly has been starting to bounce around a lot and I need something to support it.

Total weight gain: 7 pounds. Although, with my appetite lately I feel that number is going to go up a little faster than it has been!

How big is baby? According to the ultrasound last Friday, SHE (!!!!!!) is 11 oz or the size of a large carrot. Just a little bean…. I mean, carrot. haha

Maternity clothes: I am starting to wear a few maternity shirts and leggings a bit more often, but I can still wear my jeans comfortably. My belly seems to be a little higher than it was last time so I am hoping I can get away with not having to wear maternity jeans too long.

Sleep: Ahhh sleep. I feel like I can never get enough. I still miss naps and I still am not a morning person. When I do sleep, it’s amazing…. No issues there!

Best moment this week: Finding out our baby is a girl!!! J You can check out the reveal here.
Movement: Baby girl was really active during our ultrasound - lots of kicking, rolling and hands all over the place. I feel her kick quite a bit now and mostly at night.
Food cravings: Anything sweet. PB&J’s all day, every day would be amazing… but really, that is nothing new.

Food aversions: So far, nothing! I have been picking up certain smells a bit more though. I was walking through the stairwell at work and the smell shot me back to 2nd grade at Lincoln Elementary…super weird.

Belly button in or out: It really wants to come out. My belly button ring is pushed out and my belly button is pretty much even with the rest of my belly at this point. I do not want an outie.

What I Miss: Wine still.

What I’m looking forward to: The holidays. It will be the last holiday season we spend as a family of 3. I am excited but also kind of sad in that KB is growing up. Looking at him now and trying to picture a newborn is crazy. My hormones are outta control right now and thinking about him being a big brother has made me cry like a million times. Time sure does fly.

Milestone: Other than finding out the gender, there haven’t really been any other milestones lately. We are trying to get KB to realize he is going to have a baby sister but he still doesn’t quite get it.
Until next time.....PEACE OUT!! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Shakeology?

I got serious about my health when I started coaching last March. As you may have read, I started coaching by purchasing the Les Mills Pump challenge pack (Les Mills Pump program + 30 days’ worth of Shakeology).  At the time, I didn’t really give much thought about Shakeology because I just wanted to be a coach (I signed up to coach by ordering a challenge pack) and have the Les Mills Pump program; so to me, it didn’t really matter either way that this also included the shakes. I wasn’t a shake person. I was not about to drink my meals every day (I REALLY like food) and initially thought they would be a waste of money. I had no idea what these shakes even were made of and I figured if anything, I would give them a shot for a month and never touch the stuff afterwards.
When my program arrived in the mail I was PUMPED (pun intended) to start my work out routine! I took all the contents out of the box (DVDs, nutrition guide, barbell, weights, etc.) and there it was…. the box of Shakeology packets. I decided to try a variety pack of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I pretty much brushed that box to the side and went about setting up my weights for my first Pump work out. After my first work out I noticed there was a little commercial talking about Shakeology and the benefits, how good it was for you, blah blah blah, and figured I might as well give it a shot. I needed something to eat after my work out anyway, so why not give it a whirl. I had no idea what I was doing when it came to making shakes, so I just mixed my chocolate packet with water and started chugging. My first initial thought was that it didn’t taste that bad and actually tasted kind of good. I drank it pretty fast and afterwards felt pretty good. I felt replenished from my work out and didn’t feel the need to snack on anything more. That was a win for me because I am typically starving after a work-out.
The first few days of drinking Shakeology I didn’t really notice much of a difference in how I felt, other than that I wasn’t as hungry between meals. I was using the shakes as a mid-morning snack or afternoon snack because I was also eating clean and they came in handy when I was craving something sweet. At that point I was just happy they were keeping me from buying peanut M&Ms from the vending machine at work. By day 4 I really started to notice my energy levels increasing and just overall felt good. I can’t really explain it. I just felt healthier. So I continued drinking them daily… mostly as snacks but would also have them as a quick breakfast some days. They are just so easy to put together when you are in a time crunch. By the end of the 30 days I was hooked. My hair looked better, my skin was clearer, and overall I just felt great. Better than I had in a really long time. I knew they were a big reason I felt that way and knew that I didn’t want to stop drinking them. So, I ordered another 30 day supply and have every single month since.
You are probably thinking “that’s great and all, but are these shakes really worth the money?”  I actually get asked that all the time and the answer is “YES!” If someone is eating healthy and looking to make a meal, generally that meal will cost anywhere between $4 and $7. The price for Shakeology breaks down to $4/day. That is the price of a grande-sized drink at Starbucks or a meal at McDonalds but is WAY healthier for you and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards! Shakeology can replace any meal you would like because it’s nutrient-dense and includes 70 different fruits and veggies (whole foods), fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and protein. It’s basically a super-charged multi-vitamin. Some benefits that come from drinking Shakeology are clearer skin, weight loss, healthier hair and nails, increased energy levels, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, reduced junk food cravings, and helps aid in digestion….to name a few. J
**Click here for more info on Shakeology.
I know weight-loss is a big interest for a lot of people, ESPECIALLY with New Year’s right around the corner. I personally know Shakeology helped me shed 15 pounds by reducing my junk food cravings and helping me stay on track with my clean eating. I know these shakes will come in handy as I detox myself from all the pumpkin pie, cookies, cakes, etc. this holiday season!
If you have questions about Shakeology or want to try it out yourself, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at devonladu@gmail.com. My next health and fitness challenge group starts today with another one starting on December 1st!

Happy Monday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Unpacking the pounds for the holidays

As a health and fitness coach, I help people stay active and healthy by running private, online accountability challenge groups through Facebook. In my groups, we focus on clean eating and working out for 30-60 days. By providing accountability, motivation, support and nutritional guidance for the 30-60 days, I have found that my challengers are able to create a habit that will carry on long after the challenge ends; and if not, they jump into a new challenge.  
Starting an exercise routine and healthy diet is hard… especially when you have never done it before. Even those that have done this before, but maybe recently fell off the wagon and need a jump-start; have a hard time getting back to it. Life gets busy….especially as we get older….with jobs, kids, activities, every day errands and duties, holidays, sports, etc. It’s so easy to put ourselves on the back-burner during these times. And where are we supposed to fit in a work out? How are we supposed to pay for a gym membership? It can be HARD to figure this out on your own and to find the support to do so.
The beauty of my challenge groups is that everything is figured out for you. I get that it’s hard to get started on your own so I want to make it as easy as possible for you! Generally the work outs we do are around 30 minutes long and do not require any equipment AND can be done in your home. That makes working out non-negotiable because EVERYONE can spare 30 minutes in their day. Whether they are waking up 30 minutes earlier or getting it in after the kids go to bed, it can be done! As far as meal plans - we provide those too! We have grocery lists, weekly plans and meal ideas. I really believe that once you have a plan, you will not fail. And that is why the group is helpful. We will teach you how to plan out your meals each week so that you are set up for success. This also takes the guess-work out of what meals to make during the week when you are already busy enough!
In my last few challenge groups I have seen my challengers get AMAZING results! That is what keeps me going and makes these groups so fun to run! One of my ladies lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks and 2 other ladies each lost 12 inches off their body! I think one of my favorite messages I have received was that my challenger, who is diabetic, went for her regular check-up with her doctor and was told her blood sugar levels are the lowest they have ever been!  How awesome is that!!??! I have had so many people comment on how they have found confidence again and energy they have never had, just by adding in a work out and eating clean. It can change your life in so many ways!
If you are looking for a place to start your weight loss journey, or a place that will help you get back on track with your health, then maybe one of my challenge groups would be the perfect solution for you. If you want more information or have any questions, please add me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/devon.hardel. I would love to learn more about you and to see if my challenge group would be the right fit for you! My next challenge starts on November 17th!
The holidays are fast approaching and I know how easy it is to say you will start after the New Year. But that is over a month and a half away! That’s a month and a half that you could be starting your own fitness journey and getting that far ahead of the game! Can you imagine ending the holiday season and rocking that NYE dress? Going into the New Year weighing less than you do now? Don’t put yourself on the back-burner this holiday season and give yourself the best gift of all - HEALTH.

Monday, November 3, 2014

My plan for November

First off, can you believe it’s already November!!?!? As much as I am dreading the cold moving in, I am actually pretty happy that the holidays are coming up. I love Christmas and now that KB is a little older he will understand and hopefully be excited about it too! Also, the holidays always speed up the days so that should make the next couple months of my pregnancy fly! As grateful as I am to be pregnant, I am just not one that REALLY enjoys being pregnant. I just really like the final product. J
I have had some people ask me what my plan is when it comes to working out and eating healthy now that I am knocked up, so I figured I would share that with you here. It really isn’t much different than if I wasn’t pregnant, but I will be modifying a few things the further I get along. I have been doing the Les Mills Pump program since last March, and after I initially completed 1 round of the program (90 days), I decided that I would still incorporate the work-outs 2-3 times a week. I got amazing results from that program and it really opened my eyes to how beneficial strength training is, so I didn’t want to completely stop. The great thing about that program is that you are not using heavy weights but instead doing a lot of reps. Because of the lower weights, I can keep these work-outs going while pregnant. The work-outs are generally 30-45 minutes long (depending on which one you choose) and include lunges, squats, chest presses, bicep/tricep work, and ab work. I just skip the ab work-outs for now because, preggo. 
You may have already seen this if you follow me on Instagram @devonladu
Other than my Pump work-outs, I plan to run throughout my pregnancy. I love running and always feel great after I get in a few miles. It’s a nice stress reliever and I sweat buckets when I do it…so it’s kind of like a cleanse (or at least that is what I tell myself). J I started a “100 miles in 30 Days” challenge on Facebook where I am asking everyone who joins to run or walk 100 miles in the month of November. I kicked off my challenge on the 2nd and ran 5 miles.  
I was actually pretty impressed with that because I haven’t run more than 4 miles since before I got pregnant. Seriously, all the strength training has done wonders for my endurance and has given me a lot more strength in my legs. Hopefully I can keep up the running gig this month without getting too uncomfortable with my big ole belly. I came across a pregnancy sports bra that helps support the bellies of active moms so I will be looking into that. When I was pregnant with KB I stopped running around 5 months because my belly was bouncing around too much! Here is my typical work-out schedule for the week this month:
                *MONDAY: 30 minutes of PUMP, Run 4 miles
                *TUESDAY: Run 5 miles
                *WEDNESDAY: 30 minutes of PUMP, run 4 miles
                *THURSDAY: Run 5 miles
                *FRIDAY: 30 minutes of PUMP, run 4 miles
                *SATURDAY: 45 minutes of PUMP, run 2 miles
                *SUNDAY: REST
If I can at least keep up the running for this month, I will end the 30 days at 101 miles. That is going to be my main focus so if there are days I don’t get a Pump work-out in, I will be okay with that.
Now onto nutrition….This is something I struggle with and have always struggled with. I was doing pretty good before I got pregnant, but have definitely splurged more lately. I still eat pretty clean 70-80% of the time, which is a far cry from eating mini donuts every morning like I did when I was pregnant with KB! I gained 45 pounds with him and do not plan to do that again! Shooting for 25-30 this time around. I know nutrition is the most important part so I am really trying to do better this time. I am focusing on getting 100 oz of water in per day, eating 5 meals and containing myself when it comes to sweets. I typically eat a lot of yogurt, fruit, chicken, fish, rice, veggies, PEANUT BUTTER, and nuts. Peanut butter has definitely been my weakness lately. Especially since KB could live off of PB&J's and I am constantly making them for him…..
So, that’s my plan! I am feeling really good so far this pregnancy and I really think it’s because I have kept up my work-outs. It helps me sleep better, feel better, and overall I have more energy. Yes, I still have days where I just want to curl up on the couch and not move, but I have a 2 year old and that’s just not going to happen.
Now, I will leave you with some pics from Halloween. KB was the cutest little elephant I have ever seen! :)

All the boys!


Happy Motivation Monday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

I came across a little pregnancy quiz that I thought would be fun to do throughout this go around. I never really documented things the first time, and figured I would rely on my trusty memory…which turns out, isn’t so trusty. I still have yet to put together a baby book for KB…I know, I know…horrible. One of these days I will do it but to save myself a little stress and agony of trying to remember with baby #2, I am going to document things a little better. So here goes!

18 weeks and a spaghetti lunch

How far along are you? As of today I am 18 weeks! Can’t wait to find out what this little nugget is inside of me in a couple weeks! I am really antsy about it…like, it’s all I can think about. I would love to have a little girl but I will be so happy either way. Praying for a healthy and happy baby!

How I’m feeling: Up until about 13-14 weeks I was pretty nauseous all the time and really tired. Not easy when you have a 2 year old to chase around! I miss the days where I could just come home from work and take a nap. Ahhhh, memories. J But, lately I have been feeling really good. For the most part it doesn’t even feel like I am pregnant…other than seeing my growing belly.

Total weight gain: So far I am up about 4 pounds. I have been really trying to eat healthy and work out so far and that has totally helped. I have splurged a lot more than I was before I got pregnant, but overall I am doing MUCH better than I did the first time I was pregnant. I mean, I would eat donuts daily with KB. Not.good. I had such a sweet tooth with him, and I do this time around, but I just keep thinking about how hard it was to lose the baby weight so it’s helping me refrain from eating ALL THE DONUTS.

How big is baby? According to a couple sites I have seen it’s the size of a bell pepper or chicken breast. Which is really weird to think about while making chicken stir fry, FYI. He/she weighs 5 oz and is starting to look like an actual baby vs a little blob more and more each day.

Maternity clothes: I am not wearing them yet but I know it will be happening soon. Luckily a lot of my pants sit low, below the belly, so I have been able to wear them so far no problem. When I was pregnant with KB I was the biggest over the summer and this time around it will be winter, so I will be getting a few different staples this winter to get me through. I have been pinning maternity fashion on Pinterest like a crazy lady lately so I am hoping I can stay fashionable while I’m at it!

Sleep: Sleep is great when I get it! I am a night owl and I hate waking up early, but am forced to every day. Like I said, I miss naps. Glorious, lovely, naps. Other than having to pee every night around 2/3am, I sleep pretty good.

Best moment this week: Running outside in Florida for about 4 miles. I haven’t lost my endurance, which is great! I don’t feel uncomfortable yet and it just felt awesome to get in a good, sweaty run. Also, laying in the sun Saturday was amazing. I don’t think I did that all summer long.

Movement: I have felt some light kicks for the last couple weeks for sure. Since this is my 2nd, I have been able to pick up on the movement a bit easier than the first time around.

Food cravings: Peanut butter anything (but that is nothing new) and candy. Halloween is not making it easy on me these days.

Food aversions: Nothing so far. With KB I tried goat cheese for the first time and wanted to yack. I still don’t like it and honestly don’t like to think about it, but otherwise that’s it.

Belly button in or out: It’s in! It never popped out last time so I am hoping that’s the case. I have a belly button piercing so I can see that it’s definitely stretching.

What I Miss: Wine. Enough said.

What I’m looking forward to: The gender reveal! I want to get a cake made so we can find out with our family around. I am so emotional that I am already tearing up thinking about it. J

Milestone: I don’t really have one right now. We have a lot of stuff from KB so unless we have a girl, we won’t have to buy much. KB is finally understanding there is a brother or sister in my belly, so I guess we could call that a milestone. J Before he thought baby Emmy was in my tummy (my friend’s baby daughter that goes to his daycare).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A revamping....if you will.

Last March, I was desperate to lose the last 10 pounds (and hopefully a little more) that I had gained when I was pregnant with Kamden. He was 18 months old, I was still battling the baby bulge, and I felt helpless. I had been a pretty avid runner since I was in high school and had always found weight-loss success with running, but this time it was just not happening for me. Granted, I was eating like a frat boy but that’s neither here nor there. ;) Anyway, back in March I knew that I needed to do something different but I had no idea where to turn. I knew that I needed to clean up my eating (duh) but didn’t know where to start. Insert Marsha. She is the wife of an old boss I had that I was friends with on Facebook. I didn’t know her personally, but what I did know (because her hubs told me) was that she ran half marathons at like 8 months, about to pop, pregnant. I pretty much knew she was some sort of super-human when he told me that, but she definitely confirmed it by all her fitness and nutrition posts. From her posts, I gathered that she was a Beachbody Coach…. but I didn’t really know what that meant. After seeing her posts for a few months, I finally reached out to her by sending her a message on Facebook. I wanted to know what coaching was about in hopes that I could also lose the last of my baby weight. I figured if the coaching gig sounded doable it would be a great motivator for me to eat well and exercise because I would be a pretty crappy coach if I wasn’t doing those things. During our messages we decided to connect over the phone to chat more about coaching, so in the meantime I Googled the crap out of Beachbody coaching. I assumed it was too good to be true and looked for any red flag I could find. After 3 days of researching I did not find one bad thing about coaching. I was pretty shocked because 1) I am really good at Google, and 2) basically every job I have ever come across has at least 1 bad review. Going into the call with Marsha I had already made up my mind that I wanted to coach, but wanted to hear her out too. We talked for a bit, I decided to order the Less Mills Pump program and at the same time I signed up to be a Coach. I was nervous, excited, determined and just ready to make some changes.
The first week or so afterwards I didn’t do much with coaching. I received my program in the mail and was just focusing on starting that. After the first week of doing the Les Mills Pump program I was down 6 pounds. Let me repeat, 6 POUNDS!!!! I had been trying so hard the last 18 months to lose weight and on average would lose maybe 2-3 pounds in a month and with this program I doubled that in a week. I was shocked. It totally sold me on that program and clean eating and I was hooked. I thought to myself about how many other people out there were like me and just needed the right program, with the right guidance and in that moment I knew coaching was for me. I wanted to help and I was excited to help! 

After a week of Les Mills Pump

Fast forward to today. As I am sitting here typing this, I am just about 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I have been coaching for just over 6 months and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I have been able to help so many people lose weight, get healthy, gain confidence, and overall feel good about themselves again. How cool is that!!?? In the meantime, I have also been able to make an extra income for my family, which is just icing on the cake.  

The morning after I "popped"

When I got pregnant I was at the lowest weight I had been since before Bud and I got married. Since starting the Les Mills program I had lost a total of 15 pounds and 2 sizes. I was the most toned I had been since high school and I was feeling pretty awesome. A lot of people commented to me something like, “you did all that work only to get pregnant”….. well yes, but I have not given up my work outs and trying to eat healthy since I got pregnant, and honestly think that has made a HUGE difference in how I feel this go around. Not that I had a bad pregnancy with KB, but I just feel a lot healthier and have more energy this time. I have gained 4 pounds so far, which with KB I think I was up 8-10 by now (I gained 45 pounds with him). So, where do I go from here as a coach? I want to show women that just because you are pregnant does not mean that you have to give up on yourself and turn into a couch potato. We don’t have to eat a bunch of junk and we don’t get a free pass to do so! Yes, I think it’s okay to indulge every once in a while, pregnant or not, but I do think our eating habits can stay the same for the most part, pregnant or not…..which brings me to the title of this post….
I want to revamp this blog a bit as I embark on this next chapter of my life and focus the next 22 (give or take…hopefully take) weeks on staying active and healthy during pregnancy. I want to share what I will be doing for exercise and meals in hopes that I can inspire other pregnant mama’s in the meantime. I am going to be real with you and not sugar-coat anything because I know there will be ups and downs, but want to relate to you instead of looking like a pregnant robot. So with that said, be on the lookout for more posts from me! I have taken quite the hiatus these last however many months, but I am passionate about this and want to be a good example of what a healthy pregnancy looks like.  
Fort Lauderdale photoshoot - Beachbody Diamond retreat
Please comment anytime you have questions or anything! I want to hear from you! Here’s to rocking these next 22 weeks out!! Let’s do this! ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fancy seein' you around these parts....

I have no idea what happened, but apparently I fell off the blog-wagon…or did I get back on? I am not really sure how that saying works. Pump the breaks. I should really say that I am not the greatest with ANY sayings. I always mess them up and say them wrong. We’ll play it by year. 2014 to be exact.
Anyway, now that I just rambled for my first blog paragraph written in about 4 months I am sure you have realized how much you missed me. I don’t even know where to begin??! I feel like the last 4 months have been a complete blur with summer, vacations, chasing around KB, work, more work, work again, chasing around KB, summer… yeah. I am a little in shock that August is already approaching us because I feel like summer just started! School supplies are out, my hubs bought a case of Oktoberfest and we had a little cool streak here in Wisconsin that was not welcomed AT ALL. Well, at least not by me. There are some people out there that were happy about lows of 40 degrees in the middle of July. I call those people “crazy.”
I think the direction I am trying to go with this post is to update you on my life’s happenings the last few months…so here we go…
I will start with Kamden since he basically runs the show in my world. My little man will be turning TWO in September already!! Whaaaaaaat?! Where did the time go? I downloaded the app “Time Hop” and it’s pretty cool because it shows your status updates and pictures you posted on FB a year ago, 3 years ago and so on. Since I have posted a bazillion pictures of KB since the day he was born, the app has been updating me daily with pictures from last summer and I cannot believe the difference a year makes! Makes me happy and sad at the same time. He is just getting so big and talking SO much! He also…
.…loves fruit snacks and goes into the pantry every morning looking for them
….has NO patience at all. None. If he doesn’t have juice in his hand in 0.2 seconds flat of him saying “juice,” WATCH OUT!
….is obsessed with crawling around in the car
….loves to sing J
….loves the water and will say “bwada, bwada, bwada” all day long
….knows where his eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, hair, belly, toes, etc. are
….likes to poke my eyes out and pull on my eyelashes (still)
….thinks giving kisses means putting his cheek on someone else’s cheek
….dances A LOT - lots of pelvic thrusts
….likes saying “raaaaar!!”
….has to buckle or strap himself into everything and if you try to help he is will not be happy about it
….loves yogurt and applesauce
….loves drinking everyone else’s drink….especially if it’s bwada, bwada, bwada
….still watches Little Einsteins all.the.time.
….is OBSESSED with his toothbrush and toothpaste. For real. Throws a fit if he can’t have it on him at all times.

I could list a million things about that boy. Even though he has hit the “I’m gonna whine about everything” stage, he is still such a good boy. Every day is such a joy with him and so much fun. He makes us laugh constantly and his smile lights up my day and melts my heart at the same time. I love you buddy boy.
In other news, we went to the U.P of Michigan a couple weekends ago for our Heide family reunion.  I love the U.P. because of how beautiful it is. I should have taken more pictures of our scenery because it was just amazing. Definitely God’s country. We had such a good time seeing family we haven’t seen in years and even meeting some of them for the first time. We took a drive by the house my grandma grew up in, which was right on Lake Superior. So cool to see. We even had pasties (past-ees) at our reunion as true yoopers would.  If you don’t know what pasties are - google it. I am not talking about the ones you wear on your ta-tas. J

Seriously...get.in.my.belly. Oh wait, you did 3 times that week. And if you don't eat it with ketchup you are seriously missing the boat.

We spent a weekend in Minocqua for the 4th of July the weekend before our U.P. trip and it was perfect! The weather was great, the company was great, food, drinks….all the essentials for a perfect 4th of July. I even got a work out in every day I was up there! The only part that was not so great was that KB ran a fever all day on the 4th. He just wasn’t himself and slept through most of the parade and then just chilled the rest of the day. His grand finale was projectile puking while I was holding him and talking to our entire family while we were waiting on our dinner. Yeah…he totally yacked all over our table. Good thing is that it was only a 24 hour bug and he was fine the next day. Such a trooper! 
On our way to Minocqua

Me+lake=best thing ever

Snuggling on the boat :)

Right before KB yacked all over everything :/
This summer has been jam-packed with family time, hanging out with friends, playing volleyball weekly….it’s no wonder why summers are seriously the best. I wish summers lasted all year round. You hear that Mother Nature, I said “I WISH SUMMERS LASTED ALL YEAR ROUND!!!!” But for real, this last winter was brutal and I am not ready for any sort of cold weather anytime soon.
In other news, I am loving being a Beachbody coach. I talk a lot about it on Facebook because it seriously is life-changing. The people that have joined my challenge groups are seriously rockstars and are hitting their goals every day. I am not going to lie, I get a little emotional thinking about it because these people are literally doing whatever it takes to reach their goals and I get to be there to cheer them on. So cool and so rewarding. I can’t get enough of it! 
Okay…I better cut myself off here. I keep thinking of more and more stuff to ramble on about, but I think you have probably had enough for today. Hopefully my return makes me a little less of a crappy blogger and will get me posting more than 1 time in 4 months…..

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sorry I'm not sorry....

I am linking up with Crystal and Megan on some things I pretend I am sorry about. J Everyone has those things/events/needs/wants/lose your shit moments that you are just plain not sorry about. Nobody is perfect so why try to act like it? I have no idea the direction I am trying to go here with this paragraph so I am just going to start telling you the things I am really not sorry about now….. If you are still here….
Sorry I’m not sorry that…
Our house, mostly the living room, looks like someone robbed us. Between the books scattered, million Lego pieces, drips of juice and milk on EVERYTHING, crushed goldfish (the crackers, not the actual fish), a freaking slide, pillows, blankets, clothes, toys you can ride, trucks - you name it and it’s probably in our living room somewhere. I basically close my eyes as I walk through so I don’t lose my shit. 
Just for the record, this is not our living room. Also, do you see all those VHS tapes!!???
 Sorry I’m not sorry that….
Last night while I was having an anxiety attack about whether I should clean or not, I instead had a couple glasses of wine and read a book. READ you say? Yes, this girl is actually reading a book. And it doesn’t even have any pictures. I guess you could call me an adult now. 
Sorry I’m not sorry that…..
Sometimes I take a half day or a full day and still keep KB at daycare. In my defense, I grew up basically as an only child (my brotha from anotha motha is 12 and lives in AZ). So, I need my alone time. That way when I am talking to myself no one can give me the crazy eyes, unless I am giving the crazy eyes to myself….. (Please don’t check me in to the looney bin) 
This meme never gets old
Sorry I’m not sorry that…..
This morning I was laughing under my breath as Kamden ran around our house yelling (just to make noise) while Bud was trying to get him out the door. He totally reminded me of Kevin in Home Alone when he is running all around with his arms in the air through all the chaos the night before they leave him…ya know, home alone. 
This may or may not have been Bud's face this morning....
Sorry I’m not sorry that…..
I wear my hair up in a bun on an average of 4.5 times during the week out of sheer laziness. This whole get up, work out, take care of some business thing is exhausting and I need every minute of sleep I can get. If I don’t shower, my hair is up and it takes about 5 minutes. If I shower, I spend 20+ minutes just blow drying my hair. Be a Judy and judge if you want, but if I do my math right, a bun it is! 
Sorry this is blurry but I had to use it for the saying...
Sorry I’m not sorry that….
Almost every day on my way home from picking up Kamden I have to pee like a race horse. Like, OMG, I am going to pee my pants all over and if I get stuck behind a slow driver or don’t catch every green light I will be spending my evening sanitizing the driver’s seat. For real. Sometimes I even have to go in and pee before I get KB out of the car. Don’t worry, like I said, I pee like a race horse so I am in and out in 93 seconds flat. In the meantime KB is probably saying “babies-babies-babies” when he is actually referring to the birdies chirping outside. J
I just had to add this. This is KB's first attempt at ice-cream last summer :)
Now, let’s all do a happy dance because it’s Friday and the weekend awaits us! Hopefully Monday takes its time before making an appearance....