Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

In honor of Wednesday, here are some whatevers....

  • I am really happy it’s hump day but would be a lot happier if it was Friday.  I am just done with this week already! Whatever.
  • We had our 3rd softball game of the season last night and we lost.  We should have won because we were tied up for a while but the other team snuck in 2 runs at the end.  I played like meh but at the very least I was better than last week. (not hard to do) Whatever.
  • Speaking of softball, I had 2 funny thoughts during last night’s game.  They are probably only funny to me, but what if you were playing against a team that rooted everyone on in unison?  Everyone at the same time would be yelling, “Go Angie,” or “Nice hit”…just everything would be said in unison the entire game.  I laughed to myself but didn’t tell anyone because I had a feeling I would be the only one laughing.  THEN, I thought it would be funny to keep shaking hands with the other team at the end, over and over again, walking in circles in the middle of the infield shaking hands with the other team, then your own team, then the other team again, etc…  yeah I am a moron.  I didn’t tell anyone about that thought either.  Whatever.
  • Sometimes I think I would be good at coming up with skits for SNL.  Then I write them out or try telling someone and quickly realize how lame my idea was.  Case and point ^^^^^ (that’s referring to #3) Whatever.
  • I have been meaning to clean out my son’s dresser and closet for about a month or so now.  I need to take out all the clothes that don’t fit him anymore and replace with all the bigger clothes we currently have in piles.  I despise laundry and this task feels hauntingly similar….whatever.

  • I NEED NEED NEED to add more to Kamden’s baby book.  I have been slacking since he was about a month old and really need to get that info in there before I forget!  You see, I have horrible handwriting and I debated on trying out an online baby book but the website I went to is no longer available.  Womp.  So, now I need to just suck it up and update that thing!  You would think as a first time mom I would be all over this!  I feel bad for the rest of my kids who will have to piece their babyhood together with random pictures (I’m sorry babies!!).  Whatever.
  • I really, really, really, REALLY want ice-cream.  Like now.  Whatever.
  • My skin is turning translucent.  I really want a day to lie in the sun but every time the weekend rolls around we are busy or it’s raining.  I don’t want to go tanning or pay for a spray tan, so I will just continue to complain about it.  Whatever.

Welp, that’s all I have.  Until next time…
Peace out!

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