Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brady Bands & Little Moments, Part Deux

Now that I am a mother I am finally understanding the level of worry, empathy, sadness, and heartbreak that comes with having a sick child or struggling with the loss of a child.  To put it more bluntly: I lose my sh*t every time I read a story about a child in pain.  I can't help but put Kamden's face on that child and think about "what if that was Kamden?"..."what if my family had to go through this" and I seriously cannot imagine.  As I was going through the blogs I follow this morning, I came across Skinny Meg's post about Brady Bands and the story behind them.  Brady bands are a headband you can wear while working out (or anytime) that does not move and holds your hair back whether you are pounding the pavement or pumping iron.  They are really cute and have tons of different sizes and designs.  I have never personally tried the bands but have heard numerous times how great they are.  You can read about Brady Bands and Brayden's story here.  Brayden is the reason Brady Bands came about.  You should definitely check it out and bring your Kleenex.

A while back I posted about Little Moments and I am following up that post with another one of those little moments here again today.  Being a mom can be crazy on many different levels.  Whether it's because you are cramming as much as you can into a 15 hour span - cleaning, taking care of your baby, working out, working full time, making dinner (or watching Bud make dinner while I entertain the kiddo), trying to stay sane while running off of 5-6 hours of sleep, feeding the baby, chasing the baby (we have a crawler!!!), etc.  The day is a never-ending whirlwind of crazy.  It doesn't ever slow down and most times I feel like a chicken that stuck their wing into a light socket and lost their head.  But it's our life, these things need to get done, and we just make it work. 

Last night as I was cleaning up after dinner (only slightly panicking in my head about how messy our kitchen was, BOOF) I started thinking about how our life now compares to how it was when Bud and I first met.  Back then, I would have never imagined that an interview at Garfield's Pub & Grill would lead me to the love of my life, and ultimately the family I have today.  It's crazy how life can spin you in many different directions, only to point you where you were destined to be all along.  It was around 7:30 last night that I was cleaning up the kitchen- washing dishes, wiping counter tops, sweeping the floors...  I was rushing to get everything cleaned up so that I would have at least a couple hours to wind down before going to bed.  My hands looked like prunes from washing the pots and pans, steam from the water was making me sweat (surprise, surprise), my feet hurt (enter the tiniest violin), and just as I was about to start complaining in my head I heard my husband burping Kamden in the other room.  He had just finished his bottle before going to sleep and I could just picture his smiley little face - satisfied from his bottle, probably half asleep since he usually closes his eyes as he eats before bed, just sitting on my husband's lap and wobbling back and forth from getting burped.  That tiny little man is the reason why we do all we do.  That amazing little person came into our lives almost 9 months (holy man) ago and has forever changed our lives for the better and continues to do so daily. 

The sounds of the Brewer game in the background, my husband patting KB's back, and the water running in our kitchen sink was the perfect lullaby to my night.  I am so thankful I am able to be frantic on a daily basis because that means I am living!  That means I have a healthy and happy baby boy and a husband that I love more than anything.  Those boys may drive me completely bat sh*t crazy at times but I don't want it any other way. 

As I was reading Brayden's story this morning it hit me even more that life is going to be crazy and unpredictable, but to just be thankful for the moment because before you know it, that moment will be gone.  Time just goes so fast and I need to constantly remind myself to soak it all in and enjoy it while I can. 

Before I know it, there won't be sounds of my husband patting KB's back in the background as I clean, it will be sounds of my husband's walker hitting the kitchen floor while he looks around for his old people medicine and a beer while our kids will have families of their own.  What, you don't wash down old people meds with beer??? (I had to lighten the mood)

Anyway, I had to share because it's always good to just stop and soak it in every once in a while.  I hope everyone has a happy Tuesday! :)

Peace out!


  1. Love Ya, Devon. Gma

  2. Your anonymous grandma is creepy. Oh the joy of wee ones. Every stage has those great parts, but you quickly forget how they were ever this little. Good to have it on record!


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