Thursday, June 13, 2013


I am linking up with Jake & Holly to write a letter to my 21 year old self.  Ohhh to be 21 again...

Dear 21 Year Old Self,
Welcome back to the Midwest!  I know you are not sure how to feel about this since you moved back from Arizona with your boyfriend and are transferring to a school you know nothing about, but don’t worry - it will work out for the best.    You learn a lot within the first month of living in Eau Claire:
1) You are good at bargain shopping, however, don’t use those skills when looking for an apartment - you end up in the ghetto. 
2) GO TO CLASS!!!! When they told you statistics was hard and you really need to go to class they were not joking.  You will take this class again and will not be very happy about it.
3) Find out the cool bars to go to before you finally turn 21 so that you don’t wander around aimlessly with your friend all night on Water Street.
 4) Drinking Sparks all night will always end up in you having an orange mustache in all your pictures and most likely a very upset tummy the next morning.  Even though they taste like sweet tarts, they don't stay down like sweet tarts. 
5) You are really upset that your boyfriend is MIA all the time now but don’t get too sad - there is someone else better for you right in front of you. 
You can finally throw out that California ID that says you are 28 and you are 5’9, 120 pounds, and Lindsey.  You had a great run with that thing but it looks nothing like you.  I am very surprised you were never given a ticket for having that since you got caught about 5 times with it.  I am even more surprised that thing ever worked out in your favor. 
Good job at taking the interview at Garfield’s before the other one you had scheduled at Northwoods later that same day.  Best decision of your life.  And that cute bartender you met during your interview that you tell your roommate about?  Well, he is your future husband.  Yeah, didn’t think you would meet “the one” so quickly after breaking up with your other bf, did you??  Life is crazy and you will come to realize that more and more each day.  Also, don’t wear your black pea coat on your first date with this cute bartender….makes for an awkward moment.  Also, don’t try to be cool and order a martini at dinner…it will be WAAAAAAY too strong for you.
Instead of buying a new outfit after every shift you work, maaaaaybe try saving some of that money.  You will need it eventually and you kick yourself later for not being more responsible with it.  On the flip side, you always looked cute with those outfits so it wasn’t the worst decision ever.  Also, stop drinking strawberry daiquiris - they are really good but have like 800 calories in them.  Same goes for the Cuban sandwich - that baby has like 1,200+.  Also, going out the night before you have a 7:30am class (statistics) is no bueno.  STOP IT!
You are so excited to go to Vegas with your family for your birthday but that doesn’t mean you should drink vodka redbulls the ENTIRE TRIP like it’s water.  Yes, I know they are “free” since you are “gambling,” but they make you so sick that you miss out on the Chicago concert and you lose your Tiffany bracelet.  You do not have a tolerance like your father, so don’t try to keep up!  And no one will believe you when you tell them you saw Flava Flave at the airport but it’s true and that’s all that matters.
A lot changed for you this year - you moved to Wisconsin, you broke up with your high school boyfriend of almost 3 years, you met a new boyfriend (future hubby) almost immediately, and you are starting to mold into the person you are going to be 7 years later.  You will have a lot of ups and downs, you will make MANY mistakes, you will feel like Van Wilder for a bit, you will lose friends but you will also make friends, and in spite of you wanting to live the “big city life” you will end up living in a smaller city that offers everything you need and you will be happy and better off for it.  Don’t rush your life because looking back it seems like it flew by.  Oh, and stop wishing you were done with school.  You love to sleep in and after college you basically never get to do it again……like ever.  So, live it up while you are young and don’t have “adult” responsibilities.   

Now for a photo montage:

~Until next time,
Your 28 year old self


  1. The throwing out the bad fake idea made me laugh!!

    1. HA! I wish I still had that ID just to show people how ridiculous it was! Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

  2. hahaha...this is great! I love the future hubby party...gave me chills...I too used a fake ID and forgot that one in my post...just too many good times to write them all down!

    1. I had this post written out a few different ways because I couldn't decide what to include!! Good times! I wish I could go back to that time sometimes! Thanks for stopping by! 😃


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