Friday, June 21, 2013

I Got Fiiiiive On It

It’s Friday, WHOOP WHOOP!!!!  My alarm went off at 4:45am this morning and it was storming so Keena and I did not get our work out in.  That’s okay because I stayed up too late watching the Heat game last night and didn’t get to bed until around midnight.  I would have been a total pile had I gotten up and worked out.  I am hoping I can get in some sort of exercise tonight after work because I have to wear a swimsuit tomorrow….in public….in daylight.  Working out tonight will totally make that better, no?  Anyway, here is what I am happy about, wanting, needing, touching, feeling…wait, that’s a Journey song.  I am lame.

1) THIS DRESS!!!!  I must have it.  I have been staring at it daily and think that I just need to pull the trigger and buy that sucker! 

2) Buddy Boy stood up for the first time on his own last night and then a little later I noticed he has 2 new teeth poking through.  They are his eye teeth so we may or may not have a baby vampire on our hands shortly.  This little man is growing too fast and I cannot take it!  In other news, he LOVES to crawl right over my face.  The other day I was lying on the floor and he was right by me.  Then he backed up slowly, looked me dead in the eyes, and then plowed right over my face at the speed of light.
3) Tomorrow I will be soaking up the sun, hanging with my girls, riding roller coasters, and going down water slides.  I cannot wait!!!  I can't concentrate on anything today either.  Saturday just needs to show it's face already!

4) My friend Dupa just informed me that at Walmart if you buy a case of Miller Lite you get a free 4 pack of Summer Shandy tall cans.  Miller Lite is not usually what I drink, but I see a trip to Walmart in my very near future.

5) I really want to paint our living room this summer and I really want to switch up our colors a bit.  I am leaning towards a blue/gray/greenish color because our furniture is cream/white and I want to accent it with dark brown end tables, frames, etc.  I am really excited to do this - we just need to figure out when we are able to!!  Even Bud agreed when I showed him this color:

Welp, that's all I have because my brain is slowly turning to mush as I wait out the next couple hours before I get to leave work and the weekend officially starts. TGIF!  Have a great weekend!


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