Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Pacifier

No, I am not talking about that movie with Vin Diesel.  I am talking about the little plastic ball of magic that my son has started to be accustomed to.  The pacifier, nook, dream maker, whatever you want to call it, has been a life saver with our son in certain situations.  We are pretty lucky in that he normally is a very happy baby and doesn’t really cry too often.  But when he is upset or crabby he will definitely let you know. 
When he was just days old he liked the paci, but then at a month or so old he wanted nothing to do with it.  That was fine because like I said, he is not crabby that often and we could sooth him pretty easily when he was.  As of the last month or so he loves that thing again.  It’s MUCH easier now for him to have it because when it falls out of his mouth he can put it back in again on his own, which is verrry nice.   
Which brings me to yesterday.  When KB woke up he had a runny nose and sounded pretty stuffy.  He didn’t have a fever and was acting normal otherwise, so I figured I would just let him ride it out since there are not many meds you can give an 8 month old anyway.  He is also teething so I think that could have something to do with it.  When I picked him up after work from the sitter his nose was still runny, but he was in a great mood.  We stopped at my mom’s because she got him a little baby pool and some water toys and he was fine there too.  He loves is grandma and was all giggly and smiley the whole time.  On a side note, the pool she bought him is a blow-up pool that is the perfect size for a baby but they had a 5 year old modeling on the package….weird.  I mean, the kid took up the entire pool.  Anyway, after we left my mom’s place we stopped at Target because it’s on our way home and I needed ground turkey and lettuce.  We all know what happens when you go to Target and I ended up getting those 2 things plus some cold tablets for infants and a really cute outfit for KB. I literally said to myself out loud “cool it” as I was about to start looking at shoes and other items that caught my eye.  Devon for the win. J  I wasn’t there too long and KB had his paci so he was content.  Well, as I am looking at the cold tablets and asking the pharmacist what I can give him for his nose, all hell breaks loose.  He starts screaming.  Snot everywhere, drool as far as the eye can see, beat red face, people staring at me….it was cray.  I was THAT mom with the screaming baby.  I figured I could just put his paci back in and he would be fine.  Well that thing disappeared into thin air.  I could not find it anywhere.   I looked all over his car seat, in the cart, etc.  I could not find it.  I was frantic.  WTH!!!???  Where did it go?  I had him in his car seat, in the big part of the cart, so even if he dropped it outside of his car seat, it would certainly land in the cart.  NOPE.  So I started backtracking to see if it was laying in an isle somewhere but his screams were getting louder and more intense, so I had to just get the flock outta there.  I went to check out, KB still screaming, and the teenage boy helping me looked terrified.  I even tried to joke around by saying “his pacifier literally disappeared into thin air, heh heh” and then he just looked at me with a blank face and said nothing.  Awkward.  I quickly paid and walked out of that store as fast as I could.  KB is still screaming as we approached my car and as I am pulling the car seat out of the cart I notice his pacifier is ON TOP OF HIS HEAD!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me? 
Note to the pacifier people: DON’T MAKE THEM CLEAR COLORED OR SEE-THROUGHISH!!! 
Once I put that thing into KB’s mouth it was instant relief.  He cooed the entire way home.
Enter glass of wine.  The end.


  1. I feel like I had the same moment when my son was still in the car seat that you can carry! I seriously felt like everyone was starring at me and in that moment, I was THAT mom! So stressful, but funny looking back. :)

    1. I am glad someone else knows what I am talking about! I feel like I need to dip that thing in neon to make sure I can find it next time!


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