Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whatever Wednesday

GET THIS WEEK OVER WITH!  I have a bachelorette party to attend this weekend and these next couple days are really putting a damper on my excitement! 
So, while I am counting down the days, hours, minutes, seconds….here are some “whatevers” for this Wednesday: 
1)      Monday morning rolled around this week and my alarm went off at 4:45am to get up and work out with my friend Keena.  I immediately texted her and said that I would not be making it and slept an extra 2 hours.  I am not even mad - it was amazing.  Since I couldn’t get my booty out of bed that morning, I ran up a “mountain” after work.  So there.  Whatever.

2)     I randomly have a sore on the inside of my nose that feels like a boog just chilling.  I can’t handle that feeling so I picked it…. Well, it turned into a scab, so I picked it again.  Now it looks like I have been huffing glue out of a paper bag.  Whatever.

3)    Everyone seems like they are upset about the outcome of the Voice last night.  It’s been blowing up my FB page like crazy.  I honestly have no idea why everyone is so pissed because I don’t watch it (gaaaaaaaaaasp) but I do like me some Usher.  Whatever.

 4)  This is bad, but I would not be opposed to dousing myself in baby oil while laying on blacktop to get blasted by the sun, because I am ghostly right now.  This Saturday is a perfect chance for me to get some color on this skin since we will be in Wisconsin Dells for Keena’s bachelorette party.  Can you say Tan Mom?  Whatever.

5)    I took Monday off to continue my tanning endeavors and am going to the Tiki Bar on a lake nearby with some friends.  I am keeping KB home in the morning with me and then dropping him off at the sitter for the remainder of the day.  Basically I am spending $20 to lay in the sun with some friends.  Whatever.

6)     I’ve been Pinterest failing like a mo fo lately.  I have been trying to make my mom a Mother’s Day gift since before Mother’s Day and keep failing miserably.  She is aware and is waiting patiently but seriously, I need to get this figured out.  Father’s Day has already come and passed so get it together Devon!  I have another plan if round 4 of my original idea doesn’t work.  Apparently I am not as crafty as I thought.  Whatever.

7)     I risked my life this morning and killed a spider BY MYSELF.  It took me about 5 tries with my shoe but that sucker looked glorious swirling away in my toilet.  I conveniently left out that I stared at that thing in horror for about 5 minutes with my life flashing before my eyes before I could even move to grab a shoe.  Whatever.

That’s all I have for today.  Happy Hump Day!
Peace out!

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