Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Whys?????

Happy Hump Day!  Well, maybe not too happy if you are living in the Wisconsin area (or if you are my peeps in Minnesota) because you either A) woke up to MORE snow on the ground this the middle of April, or B) Woke up at 3:30am to your son crying and ice chunks hitting your bedroom window while your husband was having an allergy attack.  Good times.  Even the drive to work sucked because the roads were crap and the radio talkers said we are getting an additional 3 inches of snow today and possibly 6 more inches tomorrow.  FML.  Another reason why I don't listen to talk radio.  I like to jam out in the morning.  Anyway.  So this lead me to my post today...Wednesday Whys???  I often ask myself, "why?" on a daily basis.  Whether it's regarding my lack of memory, my clumsiness, or my constant annoyance of the weather - it happens often.  So here is a list of recent "whys" that have crossed my mind....

1) it that I cannot find motivation at work lately?  It's like I play this little game with myself to see how long I can put something off before I have to race against the clock to get it done.  I am never late with anything at work and I do work great under pressure, but come on Devon!!!  Get it together!

2) WHY....did a guy walk past my cube at work sagging his dress pants the other day?  Dude.  Lil Wayne called and he wants his pants back.  Seriously, you are at work.  We don't need to see your boxers as you roam around cubeland.  Clearly the term "business casual" was taken to a whole new level on this one.  Stay classy guy, staaaaaay classy.
3) that every time I turn on the radio either Nickelback or Train is on?  Both bands I cannot stand.  They make me cringe and need to stop.  GO AWAY ALREADY!  As Mike Ditka would say, "STOP IT!!"
4) it that every time I talk about Kamden sleeping well he does a 180 and starts getting cray in his crib?  As of late he has been getting up around 11:30pm and again at 3:30am or 4am.  What's the deal?  Are you teething?  Do you have a stomach ache?  Do you miss your mama?  I am going to go with the latter to ease my sleep discomfort.

5) it that every person on the face of the earth, aka my facebook page, gets to go on vacation to some place sunny and warm.  Not fair!  Dear Vacation Gods, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!  Sincerely, Cold in Wisconsin.
Okay, that's enough "whys" for now.  Today is my last day on the cleanse and if you couldn't tell I am getting a little feisty.  It's all good in the hood.  I will make it until tomorrow.  And tomorrow, I will prance out of bed feeling like I conquered the world!  Not really, but I will be really excited to re-introduce cheese into my life.

Welp, that's all I have for now.

See ya later suckas!

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