Thursday, April 25, 2013

C....O....Rrrrrr You Going To The Mall Later, That's What I Was Asking?

Happy Thursday!  One more day until Friday and I am so pumped!  Tomorrow we are celebrating my dear friend, Dupa's Birthday!!! 
Happy Early Birthday Dupa-Loop!
I am very excited to have a night at our house with our friends!!  I am looking forward to a night of grilling out, bags, games, being in WARM weather, and having some adult beverages without having to worry about KB.  KB gets to spend the night at his grandma's house tomorrow night.  And today he is at his other granny's house all day.  Lucky boy! 
Tomorrow the high is in the low 60s and I feel like I should break out my bikini (yeah right) warm weather clothes to celebrate!!!  With this nice weather approaching the first thing that crossed my mind is shopping.  I really need a shopping spree ASAP.  Last summer I was pregnant so I didn't really buy anything outside of maxi skirts and extra large tank tops....and sandals that could fit these ogre feet:
Cankes to the max

The long skirt covered up the ogres
So, this year I am hoping to get a few things to spark up my closet again.  I NEED TO!!!  (says every woman that wants new clothes)  Don't worry Bud, I will not be doing this for a while BUT it will be happening at some point.  I am sorry in advance.  I am not going to go cray, but I will be getting a few things.  So there's that.
Anyway, I laid out my work out plan a couple days ago leading up to my first 1/2 marathon (insert dry heaves).  I have been doing pretty good!  I haven't done every single thing I listed BUT I have worked out every day so far.  Last night I decided to have another go at the jogging stroller.  I took KB out in it last week for a couple miles (maybe) and I thought I was going to die.  It was a lot harder than I had expected.  Last night I was supposed to run 5 miles but the weather was decent after work and I wanted to take KB out to take advantage.  I made it just under 3.5 miles which should really equal 6 miles since I was pushing that little bugger the whole time.  I found my groove with the jogger so that was good.  Hopefully it just gets easier from here.  On a side note, minus the whole running with a stroller thing, I love the jogging stroller I have.  My uncle's sister (he is my uncle by marriage otherwise I would have just said aunt) gave me her jogging stroller last fall right before I had KB and it's freaking awesome.  It's so nice!  I can plug my iPhone into it and it has speakers that blast the music so I can listen to that while paying attention to KB and traffic.  GENIUS.  It was a little awkward when I was blasting Lil Wayne while running past a family playing in their yard, but there was no swearing at that time so it was all good in the hood.  Also, I will enjoy my thug rap around Bud Jr. just until he is able to talk...then I will be getting the family friendly versions of my thug rap. :) 

That's all I have for now.  I hope today flies and tomorrow is here with sunshine and warmth!

See ya later suckas!

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