Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What, What, What, Would You Do?

Happy Hump Day suckas!  I wish I could say that after last Friday things have been smooth sailing but that would be the understatement of the year.  So instead of continuing my whining, I am going to leave you with this magical story about a girl's weekend I had a couple years ago.  We are doing this weekend again in a couple weeks and I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUT OF TOWN!!!!!  To my family who may be reading this: I am sorry but this is what happens when a bunch of crazy ladies get together for a weekend away....

Story of my life

So a couple winters ago my friend Leah invited a bunch of us girls up to her cabin an hourish away for the night.  It was a chance to get away, just us girls, and party it up.  (This was pre-baby)  So we all got together (there was about 8 of us) and made the trip up North early on a Saturday morning.  Once we got up there we immediately cracked a cold one and went on with our day of playing games, eating, gossiping, drinking, etc. 

Jreal cozy

Playing games and eating jello shots

By the time dinner rolled around, we were all ready to go out to the local bar for some food and more drinks (because we really needed more at that point).  The bar we walked to was a lot of fun but that is not where I am going with this story.  It was after we left the bar where things got interesting.... 

Getting ready to head to the bar.  I WILL be wearing that flannel jacket again :)  That Vikings coozie didn't make it back home after that weekend :(

As we were leaving to walk back to the cabin a couple of girls found some people they knew (I think...things were a little fuzzy at this point) and decided they would hitch a ride back to the cabin.

The truck didn't fit everyone, so my friend Dupa and I said "you guys go ahead, we would rather walk."  So walk we did.  Within the first minute of our walk we decided that it would be much shorter to cut through the ditch next to the road we needed to be on to get back to the cabin.  Mind you, it was winter and there was A LOT of snow.  After we decided to cut through the ditch we sprinted (not sure why) into that ditch and we both immediately face planted into the snow.  This was because our feet sunk down to the bottom of the snow right off the bat.  As we laid there laughing our asses off, up to our knees in snow, I tried to get up and when I pulled my feet out of the snow I was missing a shoe.  I looked back, it was dark, looked for a bit, and couldn't find my shoe.  So I did what any logical person would do and said "meh, I don't need my shoe."  Real classy.  Meanwhile, I wasn't wearing any socks.  This is where my dear friend, Dupa, offered up her shoe because "I am wearing socks at least."  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am sorry, this still cracks me up to this day.  So we start walking, me wearing 2 different shoes, Dupa wearing 1 shoe and a sock on the other foot.  We somehow made it a block or so before our friends came back and picked us up.  THANK GOD!  Not sure how we would have made it back to the cabin with Dupa only wearing a sock on her foot in the middle of winter. 

So at that point I figured my shoe was long gone.  I was sad the next day because I really liked those shoes!  So the shoe story became a big joke between us girls.  But this is not where the story ended...

About a month or so later, I am at Dupa's apartment when Leah comes by with a "gift."  Leah walks in, grinning, hands me a gift bag and her and Dupa watch in excitement as I open the bag.  What was in the bag you ask?  MY MISSING SHOE!!!!  I seriously could not believe it.  Leah's parents go to their cabin a lot, and they also go for walks a lot around that area while they are up there.  Well, when the snow started melting, they started looking for my shoe and they actually found it.  AND, it was in perfect condition!!!!!  (As perfect as a pair of 4 year old shoes can be, ha!)  I had my shoe back and a pretty funny story on top of it!  To most, this is probably not that amusing but to me, it's freakin hilarious. 

My glorious shoe

Welp, on that note I am out.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far and can make it to the weekend in one piece!

See ya later suckas!

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