Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Wednesday!

Welp folks, I made it to Wednesday.  After feeling like a crap magnet for the past few days, I am feeling less like a crap magnet today.  BOOF!  Hopefully by the end of the week I can sail into the weekend without any work business hovering over me.  I don't have a topic for today, really, but here are some random thoughts/comments/observations:

1) Why does my son find it hilarious to get up every night around midnight and then again at like 6am??  He used to wake up once around 4am or 5am, drink a bottle, and go back to sleep until around 7:30.  That was perfectish! (Perfect would be if he slept straight through...) Now he is on this weird schedule and when he wakes up at 6am he stays up!  Other than his george-ous good looks, how is he our kid?? JK, but seriosuly my husband and I both love our sleep.  AND the kid doesn't nap!!  I am hoping this is just a phase and that soon he will go back to at least only getting up 1 time per night.  One can dream, right?  Which brings me to #2...

Sleep: It looks glorious on you KB!

2) My husband got up with KB at 6am this morning and all I could hear was KB yelling, rambling, making all kinds of noises.  He is LOUD.  What did I do?  I laid there and tried to fall back asleep until 7:10 when I peeled myself out of bed.  What should I have done? I SHOULD HAVE WORKED OUT, DUH!!  I don't know what my deal is!  It would have been so much easier had I got up, worked out, got ready, etc.  Instead I laid there 1/2 awake, got up too late to shower (g-ross) and rushed to work.  LAME.  I even gave my husband the death stare like it was his fault KB was up and that I didn't work out.  I am not a morning person.  BUT, summer is fastly approaching and I need to get my arse into gear if I don't want to look like this:

3) I am a bridesmaid in my friend Keena's wedding this summer.  I had to order and size my dress a month after KB was I was ballsy and ordered my dress 2 sizes smaller than I was at that time.  Motivation!  Well, Keena texted me yesterday and said my dress was in.  I am NERVOUS!  I know I have a lot of time before her wedding in July, but still!  I gained 40 pounds when I was pregnant, and I have lost 30.  I still have 10 more to go but my body is totally different!  Fingers crossed that baby zips up before July!  Here's to eating salads for the next 19 weeks!!

4) I really need to paint my toe nails.  Random.  But I do!  It's winter and no one sees them just yet, but the last time I painted them was in November.  Good thing Bud doesn't have a foot fetish!! 

5) This Saturday night we are going out to dinner with a group of friends at a Chinese restaurant that has a Hibachi grill.  I am so excited!  There are 20 of us total.  I am sure we will go ot for a few drinks afterwards and I am just looking forward to getting out of the house, dressing up a bit, and having a good time.  Plus, my friends are awesome.

6) When people walk by my cube and drag their feet it drives me bananas.  STOP IT!

Okay, that's enough randomness for today.  Looking forward to this work day being over, picking up KB, hopefully getting a run in tonight, and catching up on shows from our DVR. 

See ya later suckas!!


  1. I am completely impressed with how much you update this. My are motivated! I get to see another side of you through your writing. You are witty! Keep those baby pics coming....I need to swipe one and frame it. When you work out in the morning, are you hungry all day. That's what Mike says happens to him. I wouldn't know as I find that treadmill to be the devil (Plus I am not getting up earlier than 5:30 to do that act of hell). I worked out one day last week after school and felt like crap for three days. I figured that was a sign to STAY AWAY! Clearly I am the beached whale in your picture. Will you still love your fat aunt?

    1. Thank you! I am sure I won't be able to post this much as time goes on, but it's pretty fun for now! I just like that I can write whatever I want! Now others can see the random thoughts that pop into my head! As for the treadmill, we have a love/hate relationship. The times I work out in the morning I do feel really good the rest of the day. I haven't noticed that I am extra hungry but I do have to make sure I eat breakfast, lunch and a snack at some point throughout the day before dinner rolls around. I have also been trying to chug water throughout the day which has helped. And you are not the beached whale in my picture!!! HOwever, that may be me since I thought it was a good idea to but an 8 pound bag of assorted Easter candy!! Love you!


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