Monday, March 4, 2013

What kind of name is La Du?

As you can see, the title of my blog is "La Du It 2 It."  Are you wondering (I am speaking hypothetically being I don't have any followers) why my blog has that name?  Well let me tell you...

In 2005 I moved to Eau Claire from Arizona to finish out my bachelor's degree.  I am from Minnesota but went to Arizona State for my first 2 years and decided to transfer to UW-Eau Claire to be closer to home.  When I moved to Eau Claire I started a job as a server at a restaurant called Garfield's.  On a side note, that is where I met my now husband and the place that housed the BEST Cuban sandwhich ever!  :)  Anyway, when I started there I don't think anyone referred to me by my actual name - Devon.  I usually went by Devo, D, D-bag - just kidding, I mean, I hope I wasn't called that, ha!  Then someone realized there is a rapper that goes by "Devin the Dude." 

Devin the Dude

Devon La Du

Isn't the resemblance uncanny??

So , naturally I was called that for a while until my now husband came up with the French version "Devon La Du" which quickly turned into just "La Du."  So that name stuck with me...which brings me to my blog title.  Are you asleep yet? 

In other news, I think it might get really close to hitting 40 degrees by the end of the week!!!  Doesn't sound that exciting but it just means that we are getting closer to spring, which brings us closer to summer, which brings my hand closer to a beerita (which takes place of the other adult beverage I have been holding onto all winter long).  I am so excited for warm weather so KB can play outside and not be so cooped up!  I can't wait to feel the warm air on my skin and wear flip-flops!! I am also excited I won't have ogre foot this summer due to being very pregnant!  I am looking forward to running outside, relaxing on a boat, setting up a kiddie pool in our backyard for KB, and chilling out maxing, relaxing all cool out on our patio.  Fresh cut grass smell come to me!!!!!!

A picture of grass for good measure

Welp, that's all I have for today.  See ya later suckas!

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