Friday, March 22, 2013

Tomorrow...It's Only a Daaaay Aaaaawaaaaaaaaay!

My childhood idol
Yes, that is a picture from the movie Annie.  My favorite movie of all time...since I can remember.  I loved this movie so much as a kid, that my family had to call the video store if we were going to rent movies and tell them to hide it before we would get there because I wanted to rent it every.single.time.  I knew exactly where it was on the shelf and would run to grab it the second we would get in the store.  Why didn't they just buy me that movie instead of having to rent it all the time??!!  Probably because they already had to listen to me singing "THE SUN WILL COME OUT, TOMORROW!!!" at the top of my lungs on a daily basis.  I was definitely one of those kids that constantly sang every word to every song - and I knew EVERY song.  I drove my family nuts.  I could go on and on about this.  I used to daydream about being on Star Search when I was a kid and would sing to my radio in my room when I was supposed to be asleep at night. 

My childhood dream
Anyway, the real reason for my blog title is because tomorrow is finally the day us lads will get together for a night up North.  I am freaking excited!!!!  I am also a little nervous about being away from KB for a full day and night.  I am not nervous about Bud taking care of him - he is such a good dad.  But, I am nervous about missing him!  I have a hard enough time saying goodbye to him when I leave for work in the morning let alone leaving him for a full day and night!  But, I know that I am going to have a blast and be in great company so I am sure I will be just fine.   I just can't wait for the shenanigans we will most likely get ourselves into.  Good times ahead.

Ohhh Friday, I hope you move fast!  I am ready for the weekend!  My husband took today off for March Madness (he does this every year) and is making a bunch of good food, having family and friends over, and gets to hang with KB all day.  Me, the responsible one, I am working today to save my PTO.  I only really follow college basketball around tournament time - and by follow, I mean filling out a couple brackets and hoping for the best.  Hopefully my luck from winning fantasy football this year will carry over.  I could use another championship Coach purse.  :)

A symbol of my fantasy football championship
Last night after I got home from work, KB cooperated AGAIN, and I ran my scheduled 3 miles.  I went into the run hoping to run a little faster than normal to see if I could finish the 3 miles under 28 minutes, which was about my time when I ran the 5K last weekend.  I set the treadmill at a 3% incline and the speed at 7 mph, threw a towel over the time, and just started running.  I felt pretty good for the majority of the run, but around 20 minutes I was fizzling out.  I ended up walking for a little over a minute, but then I picked up my pace some more.  Here is how I finished:

Not too shabby!
Best work out buddy ever
I am not gonna lie, I am sore today!  Normally when I run I do so at a steady pace - not too fast, not too slow...I just go.  I don't normally push myself like I did yesterday, so it was a good thing.  I just need to really try and figure out a good pace I can keep when I run the 1/2 marathon.  That is what I am really worried about.  I just don't want to start too fast and then be too tired to finish.  I might need to come up with something like this to keep me going:

Dangling donut....yum.
Welp, since I have been totally unproductive today, I better get myself to do something. 

See ya later suckas!!

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  1. You should play it for the wee one. It's in his blood, he will love it. He can watch it while you run! Have a blast this weekend, every mama needs her girls!


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