Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 Random Thoughts

In lieu of not knowing what to write about today, here are 10 random thoughts that have crossed my mind in the last 24 hours....

1) My Greek chicken salad I am currently eating has olives on it.  The olives have seeds in them.  I want to eat the olives, along with the lettuce, chicken, and feta cheese in one bite but cannot swallow the seed and don't want to try and spit it out amongst everything else that's in the bite.  Riddle me this - Am I supposed to eat the olive alone?  If so, then why not put them on the side????  Either way, the salad is delish.
Olive juice
2) Why is it that every time I fill up my car with gas I smell like gas the rest of the day?  No matter how careful I am, even if I am wearing gloves, I will smell like gas. 
This is best picture I could find....
3) Since being a parent, I have a keen nose for poop smell.  I can be in a room full of potpourri, cookies baking in the oven, flowers as far as the eye can see, and once KB poops, the smell immediately hits my nostrils. 

4) I normally don't drink soda on a daily basis.  I usually will have maybe 1 or 2 per week.  Ever since I ordered the cleanse I am starting on Monday, I have had one daily. 

5) I walked from my work to the mall food court for lunch today - outside, no jacket.  AND IT FELT AMAZING!!!!  Spring is coming, finally!  It's only 40 degrees, but the sun is out and the air felt good.  I am totally opening the windows in our house when I get home today.

6) The Real Housewives of the OC starts up again on Monday and I CANNOT wait!!!  I may or may not have sang "my favorite one" in a high-pitched voice after seeing the preview for it last night while watching TV with Bud.  I have gotten sucked into almost every Real Housewives including Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Miami.  Atlanta is too much for me (even though I will watch it if there is nothing on) and DC and New York just get me annoyed.
I am totally Team Tamra
7) Speaking of reality TV, I am slightly ashamed to admit that I watch Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2.  As I was catching up on Teem Mom 2 last night, Kiefer, Janelle's ex BF, is back in the picture.  Every time Janelle's mom says "Kiefer" I immediately crack up because I think of this:
YouTube the commercial with her saying "Your booooooyfriend."  You're welcome.
8) Why is it that when Kamden is playing on the floor he can roll all over the place, no big deal.  From his back to his tummy, and his tummy to his back - ain't no thang.  But when he is supposed to be asleep in his crib, he will roll onto his belly and then sit there and grunt and whine until someone comes in and moves him to his back.  The kid seriously does not want us to sleep.  EVER.

9) I have nothing planned for this weekend other than Easter on Sunday and I am pumped.  It's supposed to be nice out and I am itching to take KB for a walk outside since we really never had a chance to before the snow and cold came.  I am also really excited to clean!  Yeah, I am weird.  Our house is a pit though, and it's driving me insane. 

10) My work out clothes smell like my hockey equipment did in high school.  Gross.  The only good thing is that after I take a shower, I don't have the stench anymore unlike I did in high school.  That equipment, soaked in that smell, left that stench on my body for days.  No one shower could take care of that.  On the other hand, we (aka Bud) can wash my work out clothes all he wants, but that smell will not leave them.  I think it's time for new stuff.


Welp, that's all for now.

See ya later suckas!!

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