Monday, March 11, 2013

Spaghetti-meatball...better analogy for you???

Soooooo....I took a few days off from posting anything.  Not that I really wanted the break, but I couldn't find the energy for it!  After last week's hellish work week, I greeted the weekend with a glass bottle of wine and relaxed as much as I could.  Last week was a rough one, and I am a baby - whatever!  Remember my crap magnet post?  Well, I must have jinxed myself when I said it should get easier after last Wednesday because Friday brought a whole new beast and when that day was over I was surprised I was still alive.  My co-worker, who is an angel from heaven, brought me this at lunch Friday to cheer me up:

Chocolate ice cream with smores and Twix bars = The key to my heart

And man was it glorious!  I LOVE ice cream.  Before I left work Friday, I went around cubeland and personally thanked my co-workers for putting up with my crazy week and for helping me when I needed it.  I have a really great team I work with and would not have gotten through last week without them.  I totally wish I could have dropped my laptop like a boss and walked out of the office at the end of that day....

Like a boss
Saturday rolled around and I wanted to be at least a little productive so I cleaned a little, shopped a little, ran on the treadmill for an hour, and got ready for our dinner plans with friends that night.  My mother in law agreed to come over and babysit KB so we were able to eat dinner and go out for a few drinks afterwards.  I am LAME and didn't take any pictures that night.  There were 20 of us that met up and it was so fun to see all our friends!  I loved catching up with everyone and can't wait to do it again in 2 weeks for girl's weekend!  (More on that in a later post)  We don't get to do that much these days so we took advantage and let loose a little.  Well, I let loose - Bud was responsible and kept it under control.  I didn't go crazy or anything, but I was definitley feeling good by the end of the night, and once we got home my face hit the couch and I was gonzo. 

Gonzo - what I probably looked like right before I hit the couch
It wasn't my night to get up with KB and I slept in until 11AM on Sunday!!!!! (Well, it felt like 10AM since we had to spring forward with our clocks)  Even though I got to "sleep-in", I was still pretty lazy for a majority of the day and it was AMAZING.  I probably should have cleaned a bit more since we are having family over this weekend for KB's baptism but I will just have to do that throughout this week.   Besides, I couldn't pass up cuddle time with this guy:

My handsome little man
Speaking of that little guy, last night Bud and I were giving each other crap (which is very normal and happens often) and KB must have thought we were arguing or mad or something because he stuck his bottom lip out so fast and started crying!  It was the cutest/saddest thing ever!  I assured him we were joking and he calmed down right away, but it definitely pulled at my heart strings. 

In other randomness, the title to this blog post is a quote that Bud says often.  Not sure why I used it for my post title but whatev.  It makes me laugh.  Especially if you say it in the accent used in the movie.

Big Daddy - Hip, hip-hop, hip-hop anonymous!!??
 Something else that made me laugh:

I beg to differ
Welp, I better do something other than drink my coffee flavored Rockstar and blog on this Monday morning.  Here's to a better week and hopefully warmer weather!!!!


See ya later suckas!

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