Tuesday, April 22, 2014


“A general term used to describe behavior that is fearless, authentic, compassionate and ethical.”  (urbandictionary.com)
Do you ever have days where you wake up and just feel like a badass? I know it’s all mental because really, being a badass is like being Chuck Norris, and I am no Chuck Norris.

But, there are some things that happen in my daily life that resonate and make me feel like I just judo-chopped some terrorist guy’s head off in one swift chop while dismantling a bomb. For real, or maybe I just changed Kamden’s diaper in 30 seconds flat. Tomato-tomaaaaahto. Anyway, here is a list of things that make me feel like a badass:

~ Birthing humans
~ Driving with the windows down, sun out, rap music blaring, shades on….pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing...middle finger up to my competition!!
~ Beating Bud in any game (because it doesn’t happen often)
~ Finishing an ab workout without taking a break (hard core abs you are my bitch!!!)
~ Running a half marathon without walking
~ Cleaning our house so fast that I break a sweat
~ Carrying in every single bag of groceries in one trip
~ Helping people reach their goals
~ Getting all my work done ahead of time at my job
~ Turning down junk food when I really just want to stuff my face with Twix eggs and pizza
~ Running up and down Rib Mt. without walking
~ Holding Kamden in one arm, and his diaper bag, my purse, and his other bag in the other arm while he is lunging to get down while walking into the house from the car without dropping him (seriously, it’s a work out in itself!)
~ Rapping every single word to a rap song like I was the one who wrote it….2 chainz but I got me a few on!!
~ Riding on the back of a motorcycle and flashing upside-down peace signs to every motorcycle we pass….wassssup
~ Wakeboarding
~ Running up the stairs and beating the elevator to the floor I parked on after work
~ Being on a boat…yup, just the fact that I am on a boat
Welp, now that I have listed the many things that make me feel like a badass I better get back to writing about insurance….hahaha
What are some things that make you feel like a badass?

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