Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Recap (a day late)

Last weekend Kamden and I made the trip to Minnesota to visit my grandma, my aunt Sassy (her real name is Lee Anne), my cousin Connor, my aunt Lisa, and my aunt Tracey.  Originally I was going back for my 10 Year High School Reunion but decided that I would rather spend time with my family.  Also, my husband couldn’t make it back home with me and there was no way I was showing up to that thing alone. J 
I had such a good time with my family and was really glad I made the trip back.  Even though my grandpa, uncles, and cousins were all away hunting that weekend, it was fun to have some girl time (with a side of boy time with Kamden and my cousin Connor J).  We spent most of the weekend just hanging out at my grandma’s house.  Since my family wasn’t able to make it for Kamden’s birthday party a few weeks ago, they had presents waiting for him to open.  It was fun to see him with his new toys because he is at the age where he is starting to understand how certain things work.  To see him make the connection was pretty cool and fun to watch.  Also, Kamden was so cute to my grandma.  With only being able to see her every month or so I was hoping he would not be shy, and he wasn’t.  In no longer than 5 minutes of seeing her, he walked up to her and put his head on her shoulder.  Totally melts my heart.  He is so sweet.  I could tell he had a great time being with everyone and running around like a mad man.  J  I still am in shock that he is walking.  He still has the wobble in his step, but every day he is getting better (and faster). 
Saturday night we rented The Heat and Mama.  My grandma and I love scary movies and are probably really the only ones in our family that do.  When I was younger my grandma actually let me watch scary movies like Cujo, Pet Semetary (I know how to spell cemetery, promise), and Child’s Play.  I was probably 4 or 5 years old at the time and was never scared of these movies.  So that was our thing.  My cousin Michael on the other hand, was not a fan of scary movies at all.  I used that to my advantage A LOT to scare the crap out of him on a daily basis growing up. J  Anyway, we watched The Heat first with everyone and it was seriously hilarious.  I want to watch it again.  After that movie, my aunt Sassy and cousin Connor went home along with my aunt Tracey.  My grandma went to bed shortly after we started Mama because she had already seen it, and my aunt Lisa and I watched it.  It wasn’t really scary at all and had a decent story line, but the end was super cheesy.  A little disappointing.  After that movie I tried watching SNL and turned it off within 10 minutes.  Why is that show so lame at times???  I wish Kristen Wiig was still on the show.  She is my fave.  Anyway, I decided that I might as well just go to bed since KB would probably be up around 7/7:30am.  My grandma bought a crib for her spare room so that’s where Kamden and I stayed.  After being asleep for over an hour or so, I was woken up by the loudest, scariest, blood curdling, scream I have ever heard out of Kamden.  No lie, the hairs on my arms were standing straight up and my heart sank into my stomach.  I bolted out of bed and went to see what was wrong with KB and he was just laying in the crib screaming and crying.  So many thoughts ran through my head as to what could be wrong.  I picked him up and turned on the lamp by my bed as he screamed into my ear.  When the lights came on I noticed his eyes were still closed and he seemed to be half asleep still.  He screamed for about 5 minutes which seemed like an hour.  In the midst of his screams, he yelled “MAAAAAMAAAAAAA!!!!” and I immediately thought of the movie I had just watched and was freaked OUT!  I looked him over for any sort of rash, bruise, cut, bug bite - felt his head to see if he had a fever, and nothing was wrong that I could see.  I am pretty sure he had a nightmare or something because he calmed down and went right to back to sleep like nothing had happened.  I on the other hand, laid there listening to his baby snores, imagining “Mama” floating around my room and was creeped out.  Not cool KB, not cool.
The next morning we all met up for a pancake breakfast and afterwards I made the trip back to WI.  Luckily, as I was packing up to leave my grandma’s, my grandpa, uncles, and cousins were just getting back into town from their hunting trip.  It was nice to see them even though it was only for 20 minutes or so.  I am looking forward to making the trip back for Thanksgiving!  I love my family so much and just wish we were a little closer so that we could make the trip more often.  Maybe when I win the lottery on Wednesday night I will just buy a lake house in the middle of Owatonna and Wausau.  J
The rest of the weekend was spent watching football and cleaning.  Story of my life.  I am still bummed the Vikes couldn’t pull out a win against the Pack on Sunday night, but in the same breath, I am pretty pumped that the first play of the game was a kick return for a Vikings touchdown.  That play right there won me my fantasy football game last week.  J  So at least there’s that. 
On a complete random side note, when is it ever okay to talk on your cell phone, while on speaker, and walk around cube land at work?????  If you said never, you are correct.  It’s also extra annoying and creepy when the sounds coming out of the phone are just a deep voiced, man….breathing heavily….
Now for a phone dump:
Kamden has started putting his finger in his nose.  I see booger covered walls in my near future.

Home sick with Kamden last week

His "up to something" face :)

My cousin Noah when he was about 3 aka Kamden's doppleganger

Pouting through a traffic jam

Song love - I will be purchasing this CD

More song love

Silly boy
Peace out!


  1. KB is so dang cute! I pray to Jesus I'll be a boy mom! Sounds like you had a great weekend and a lot of fun. Vikings may not have won but how about them Chief's, eh? (:

  2. I would never have thought the Chiefs would be undefeated!!! This has been a crazy year for football and even though my Vikes are sucking it up, I still love watching!!

    Being a boy mom is a lot of fun and every day gets better and better, and more fun. Especially once they get to the age where they start interacting and catching onto things. I hope you are a boy mom too! :)


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