Friday, November 1, 2013

Biker Baby

I got done with work early yesterday because I had to go in early for a call.  As I was driving to work I thought to myself, “Self, that extra 30 minutes at the end of today is going to be so nice because you won’t have to rush everywhere,”…..WRONG!  Seriously, one day, ONE DAY!!, I will be able to happily go about my way without being on a timeframe.  Sounds glorious.   Anyway, rant over. 
I left work and stopped at Walgreens because I was dead set on buying some facial paint crayons make-up (?) for Kamden’s costume.  A girl I work with was so awesome and let me borrow a Harley Davidson jacket and matching pants for Kamden to be a “biker baby.”  So I obviously thought drawing a goatee and tattoos on my son would be appropriate.  Well, by the time I got home from going to Walgreens, stopping at the post office, and picking up Kamden - I had about 10 minutes to get his goatee on his face, tattoos on his arms and fingers, and get him dressed to go pick up my husband.  (I had to pick him up because we FINALLY sold the Cougar yesterday…..HOLLA!!!)  This was my inspiration for KB’s costume:
I found this on Pinterest
I had to strap Kamden in his highchair because there was no way he was sitting still for his goatee.  I got out the little face-paint-crayon-thingy and started drawing his mustache.  Enter Kamden’s tongue.  Every brush of paint I would make on his upper lip, he would lick it off.  At first it was funny, but with any struggle, I started to sweat and that makes me angry and annoyed, ha.  As I would try to move the crayon to make my next mark he would then try to eat the crayon.  There was no winning this battle.  So I decided to just give up on the goatee and draw the word “MILK” across his knuckles.  He was not having that either.  At this point I looked at the clock and it was already the time I was supposed to be at my husband’s work to pick him up. Fail.  So, I just wiped off Kamden’s face and got him dressed.  I put a bandana on his head and he immediately ripped that off. Seriously KB.  I put it back on somehow and he left it….until he got into the car.  The entire ride to pick up my husband he was grunting and trying to pull off the bandana.  He grunted for 10 minutes straight (not gonna lie, I was laughing the entire car ride).  We picked up Bud and made our way to see my mom at work.
I love this picture so much

He looks like such a big boy here!

Then we went to my mother-in-law’s house for pizza and to see my nephews in their costumes.  After pizza, we made our last stop at my father-in-law’s house to see him and his fiancĂ©.  By the time we got home it was after 8pm and Kamden desperately needed a bath.  So we bathed him.  You know how when dogs get a bath and then afterwards they run frantically all over the place to dry off?  Well that is my son.  It’s like someone laced his spaghetti -o’s with pixie sticks.  So after we calmed him down, we got him dressed, gave him his bottle, and put him to bed.  Normally he goes right down without a peep, but he must have still been riled up, because we could hear him talking for a while afterwards.  His jibber jabber is hilarious.   
And since yesterday was Halloween, we sold the Cougar, and football was on, we decided to have a couple drinks.  We also stayed up too late because we watched American Horror Story that we had recorded from earlier this week.  I seriously cannot get enough of that show!
I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with no set plans other than a possible lunch or dinner on Saturday with family.  I am trying to convince my husband to paint the living room on Saturday night so we will see how that goes.  He said he never wants to hear the word “paint” again so I told him all we need to do is freaking paint this weekend and we can move on then!!!!  TGIF!
Peace out!

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