Monday, September 30, 2013

Kamden's Birthday Weekend

Kamden’s birthday was last Thursday and I celebrated by re-hashing his birth story here.  And by “celebrated” I mean thanking sweet baby jebus that my crotchal region is still intact and that I can still walk standing up straight.  Just kidding.  We actually celebrated his day by going out to dinner with my mom.  My mom’s birthday was the week prior as well as my birthday, and we were planning on going out to dinner that week but KB got some sort of stomach bug.  We postponed our dinner until his birthday so we could all celebrate together.  My mom watched KB that day while my husband and I were at work and he got the first class, grandma loves you, treatment.  They went to the store, the park, and she got him a bunch of stuff - clothes, toys, treats, etc.  J  Other big news for that day is that we ran out of formula after his morning bottle and we switched him over to whole milk.  So, in other words, we basically won the lottery.  Not that the formula was THAT expensive but milk is just soooooo much easier.  Fellow moms know that when their baby can finally drink cow’s milk, it’s a great day for all.  I even got a text from Shurn saying, “On to whole milk for KB today…Happy birthday to you!”  And she was 100% accurate.  Anyway, for dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant and had some great food and margaritas.  I bought Kamden a birthday cupcake that I brought to dinner and a candle and I am pretty sure fire+baby=no bueno.  Once we lit the candle Kamden wanted to grab that cupcake, which ended up in him knocking it over on the table, and me frantically blowing out the candle.   He really didn’t care much for the cupcake but that’s okay because we got complimentary fried ice cream for our bdays and he was all about the ice cream.  Baby boy knows where it’s at.  Thank you to my mom for treating us to dinner and for showing Kamden a great time on his birthday!  Here are some pictures from the restaurant:

Friday we had Kamden’s 1-year check-up and he got 4 shots and a blood draw.  Worst.thing.ever.  He did fine, but it was hard to watch him cry from the pain of the shots.  Especially when he looked me dead in the eyes as he was getting the shots and his face turned from smiling to beat red face crying in 0.2 seconds.  Other than the shots, I always like his well-baby check-ups because we can see where he is on the growth charts.  He was 45% for weight, 85% for height, and holding strong 12 months in a row at 99% for head circumference.  Also, something else happened that I was not cool with at all.  After he got his shots, I picked up Kamden to give him a hug and calm him down and he immediately held out his arms to go to Bud.  WHAT!!??  Did his vision get messed up from the shots?  He doesn’t want his mama??!!!  Those shots clearly messed him up.   

Saturday we had his birthday party at our house.  Everyone came over around 1pm for our hot dog bar and brought a dish to pass.  The food was AWESOME!  We tried a chili recipe and a cheese sauce recipe for the first time to put on the dogs and both recipes were great.  We had all kinds of toppings for the hot dogs so people could make chili dogs, Chicago dogs, etc.  The Chicago dog was the favorite by far, but everything else was just so good.  Good thing I bought a box of 80 hot dogs from Sam’s Club because we ended up eating them for lunch and dinner. 

Kamden was a little off that day from having his shots the day before.  (Note to self: never schedule a birthday party the day after your kid gets shots)  He got a little cranky towards the end of the party and wanted nothing to do with the cake.  He did still smear frosting everywhere and we ended the night with a bubble bath, which he loved.  Thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate!!! 

Sunday was absolutely glorious because the Vikings finally won against the Steelers in London - cheerio!!!  After watching football for most of the day, I took KB for a walk up Rib Mountain because the weather was absolutely beautiful.  It’s hard to think that in a few weeks it will be getting cold and winter will be just around the corner.  Insert sad face.  I am hoping to take a few more walks up the mountain this week to take advantage of the weather AND to get my lazy arse ready for the Wrut Run on Saturday!!!  Yea, my whole “training” for this run has been non-existent….so there’s that. 

Here’s to a great week!

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  1. That fried ice cream is calling my name! I love it! His birthday outfit was absolutely adorable girl.


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