Tuesday, January 21, 2014

14 Days of Hell

January so far has been pretty good for me when it comes to working out.  I have exercised about 4-5 days per week, and am feeling pretty good in that area of my life.  Eating, well that’s a whole other story.  Eating is always my downfall because I love food, and think I can eat like a 17 year old boy and not gain weight.  WRONG!!  I cannot do that.  Maybe I could at one point in my life (not really) but I can’t anymore.  I need to figure it out.  Some days I am great, and others are a downward spiral of chicken wings and cheese dip.  Not together, but now that I think of it that sounds delish….mind out of the gutter in 3…2….1….
I don’t eat straight crap all the time, and when I do it’s not like I am shoveling it down my hatch, but still.  I need to chill out.  Case and point à Reese’s peanut butter cookies.
I made those bad boys last night and they were sooooo good.  Why did I make them?  No freaking reason.  Just because they looked good.  STOP IT!!!

Those cookies lying around, looking all good and stuff, are not going to help my cause at all.  So, I am really going to try and make some better choices food-wise, and I am kicking it up a notch and introducing 14 days of hell to my life.  I totally made that up, but it’s what I am calling the plan below.  I found it on Pinterest.  I would link it but my work computer won’t let me, and my phone might blow up if I try to do it on there. (iPhone 3 probs - don’t act like you’re not impressed)   According to the pin, you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks by doing this routine every day.  The pin could be a complete liar, but I know that if I do this plan for 14 days it will be a good thing, either way.  I have been running on the treadmill this month for my work-outs, which I love to do (I know, punch me in the face), but I know that I need to start adding in some strength training, says EVERYONE these days.  I guess I will listen and see what happens.  Here’s to hopefully looking a little leaner in 2 weeks, and for getting a little closer to my ultimate goal (before getting knocked up again…)
14 Days of Hell aka the Drop 10 Workout
100 Crunches
90 Jumping Jacks
80 Lunges
70 Squats
60 seconds - Run in place
50-second plank
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Squats
20 High Knees
10 Push-Ups

That right there is what I am going to add to my work out, every day, for 14 days.  Currently, I run for 50-60 minutes (5-6 miles) on the treadmill, 4-5 days a week.  I am weird and like running on the treadmill, so I could keep this up for the winter, but I need to do something to keep my body guessing.  As of now I am going to drop my cardio down to 3 miles-ish along with the routine above.  I think it will be very challenging, but I also think I can tough it out for 14 days.  I should probably track my measurements before and after instead of relying on the scale (since that bizz can be a filthy, lying, pirate hooker), but I probably won’t.  I don’t have a tape measure (one that can be used for this kind of thing) and I am going to bank on the fact that I will forget to pick one up at the store tonight.  #aintnoshameinmombrain
I am also going to really try and eat healthier not just during the week, but on the weekends too.  I know I am not alone when I say weekends are the hardest.  It’s just so fun to have adult beverages and veg out after a long work week!  I will probably still do that, but when it comes to “vegging out” I might actually just eat veggies!!??? I dunno -  I will just take that part of it day by day. 

Anyone else feel like today just kept dragging along? BOOF!!!  Let’s get this work day over with so I can cuddle buddy boy, do that damn routine above, and try to convince the hubs that I need a back massage ASAP. J

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