Friday, January 17, 2014

Updates and I suck at blogging

Wow, I am really slacking on this whole blogging thing lately.  It’s not like I have been sitting in an empty, dark room with nothing going on in my life.  It’s not like I am so crazy-busy that I don’t have time.  I am just not doing it.  So because I have been slacking as of late, I am just going to piece together some thoughts and call it a blog post.  Pretty much what I do every time I post something, so nothing new here. J
First, I am going to do a little update on Kamden.  He is really the main reason I started to blog in the first place.  I just want to make sure I am documenting his milestones and little things he does so I can look back and remember just how little, cute, and fun he is.  That won’t change right??......RIGHT!!!??  Just kidding, I am totally aware he will turn into a big, smelly boy at some point.  Anyway, here is Kamden right now, just about 16 months….

·         Opens every door and shuts it about a million times a day
·         Says “this” repeatedly, all day long
·         Can say juice, dada, mama, fish, this, no, yes, beep beep….and a bunch of gibberish
·         Loves dogs
·         Throws his hands in the air when he is done eating
·         Loves fruit and grilled cheese
·         Just tried chocolate milk and loves it
·         Sleeps great still (thank God)
·         Is getting 3 molars at once at this very moment (drool city)
·         Loves trucks and cars
·         Gave his daddy a hug last night and it melted my face off
·         Has been walking backwards a lot lately
·         Loves cartoons - Little Einstein’s, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates…pretty much any cartoon
·         Has an obsession with climbing on the couch so he can mess with the thermostat.  The temp was set at 50 degrees the other day….
·         Loves to be outside

·         Loves the snow.  I was walking with him outside and he bent over to eat snow right off the ground
·         Thinks he can walk up and down stairs like a big boy (he cannot)
·         Puts all his food in his hair every time he eats
·         Can feed himself with a spoon
·         Blows kisses J
·         Licks my face when I ask him for a kiss

·         Starting to only take 1 nap a day
·         Knows where his eyes, nose, and mouth are
·         Loves dry cereal and goldfish crackers
·         Won’t eat vegetables unless they are pureed
·         Likes when people talk to him on the phone
·         Grabs his pacifier and blanket when he is tired

I could list out a million more things but these are what popped into my head.  Can he please just stay this age forever??
In other news, I was asked to be in a wedding!  Our friends, Tim and Amy are getting hitched in May of 2015! I am pumped!  With that said, I am kind of in a baby-making dilemma.  We are going to try for #2 at some point here in the next 6 months, hopefully.  I do not want to be pregnant or about to give birth during the wedding, but that means I would have to get knocked up by no later than June/July.  Initially, I wanted to “plan” it out so I would have maternity leave over next summer, but now I am not so sure what to do.  The hubs is freaked out that we are talking baby #2 and I have been secretly calming the baby fever for a few months.  So stay tuned….

Am I really ready for this again??

My friend Erin is expecting #2 and found out she is having a GIRL!!  I see lots of pretty dresses and bows in her future. J  So excited!

My mom got a new job and loves it!!  I am so, so, so, SOOOOOO happy for her!  She definitely deserves it!
My brother is competing in the district spelling bee on the 24th!  Last year he made it all the way to state and placed 9th.  That is just incredible to me because he was in 4th grade and competing against 8th graders.  He is smart as a whip and I can’t wait to hear how he does in a couple weeks!

I didn’t really make any new year’s resolutions this year, other than to be healthier.  I usually try to do a 180 and eat clean, workout every day, etc. but realistically, I just set myself up for failure every time.  So, I am just taking it day by day and trying to make better choices, one decision at a time.  Like for example, to balance out my red wine addiction I had a salad for lunch today. J #winning ß that’s douchey 
Random, but I found this funny:

'Tis the season!

Congratulations!!!  You made it through the rambling!! Welp, I am off to make it look like I am doing some work around here.  TGIF!

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