Monday, February 24, 2014

La Update

We’ll we’ll we’ll…look what we have here. Damn autocorrect!!!! (I totally stole that from some meme I saw on FB or IG or Pinterest or…I am crazy. Probably the last one.) Anyhoo, I am just popping in for an update since I have finally been spared some free time at work.  HALLELUJIAH!
In my last post I told the internet that I was going to put myself through 14 days of hell. I made it through those 14 days and worked out 12 of them.  I was pretty proud that I consistently worked out and only skipped a couple days; however, my weight didn’t budge at all!! Annoying.

After those 14 days were up I took a mini break from working out mostly because we were busy, but also because I was just over it. After my week hiatus, I decided I needed to do something to bust through this damn plateau I have been stuck in so I coaxed my family into a diet bet.  Muahahahahahahahahaha. I honestly think that is exactly what I needed.  Friendly competition and fresh doll hairs dangling in the distance. We are mirroring the actual website with our bet ( and are all competing to lose 4% of our bodyweight in a month.  We decided that the person who loses the highest percentage will get 25% of the pot, and those who reach a 4% loss will split the remaining 75%. We started our bet on February 12th and will end on March 12th.  Within the first 4 days I miraculously lost 5 pounds by saying “no” to chips, treats, grease (all the delicious stuff) and saying “yes” to fruits and lots of water. Pee City. That put me at 1.2 pounds away from reaching a 4% loss.  Since then, I have gone up a couple pounds and lost them again (damn female cycle), but am still sitting a couple pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy weight. BOOYAH! Honestly, I haven’t worked out as much as I planned, but I am eating a gazillion times better than I normally do, and have cut way back on the vino intake. Sad times.
All in all, I haven’t made any huge changes, but I really think my little swaps are making a difference and are helping me break through my plateau. I definitely need to pick it up in the work out department though, so I can coast into victory at the end of our bet. J I am sure I will do another update in a week or so with some more progress (hopefully).
In other news, my son is still a huge daddy’s boy and while that’s cute in all, it kind of hurts my beat maker. I mean, I BIRTHED HIM, after all. Hoping it’s just a phase (for my sake and sanity) and that he will want to cuddle with his mama again soon.
Dear Winter aka Polar Vortex aka Hell on Earth,

            Are you serious? 40 degrees BELOW zero? It’s almost MARCH!!!! WTF!!??? I would love to blame Canada for this one, but I am sure they are pissed off too. You suck! Go away and don’t bother showing your face again……EVER!!!!!!
Not Sincerely,
Disgruntled Wisconsin Resident
This last weekend our family decided to take the kiddos to Monkey Joe’s in Appleton and they all loved it! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a cross between Chuckie Cheese and Discovery Zone. It’s a place full of inflatable slides and bounce houses. I was really looking forward to getting KB out of the house since we have been pretty much on lockdown all winter long with this DAMN COLD WEATHER!!! (See above) He did really well on all the slides - even the big ones! This kid has no fear so far and I am glad he is just up for anything. I look forward to taking him back when he is a little older so he can run around like the big boys. J
On the way home
Speaking of kiddos, Kamden is starting to get a little naughty streak and I find it kind of funny. I know I will be “that parent” that laughs when I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it! He doesn’t really understand that what he is doing is wrong yet, so in the meantime I will be giggling under my breath.  Like for instance, we have this tall floor lamp right by our couch. We (my husband) are constantly doing laundry so our hampers are in our living room about 99% of time because that’s where we (my husband) fold it. Well, our wicker hamper usually also serves as a side table right by the floor lamp at the end of our couch since we haven’t purchased an actual table to put there yet. Don’t judge. Kamden is obsessed with shaking the floor lamp and it scares the bejesus out of me every time because I don’t want him to knock it over and have it fall on him. Well, yesterday he was also all about getting into the back room where the elliptical and treadmill are, but we have a little barricade we made out of a little cubby, a plastic slide, and some pillows, that has previously kept him out. Real classy up in this B. KB figured out how to crawl over our very high-tech barricade so all day yesterday we were chasing him from crawling over it. Once KB was tired of us pulling him away from the barricade he somehow came up with a diversion. I am sitting in the living room, playing with KB, until I notice him starting to slowly back-up towards the hamper and floor lamp. He waits for me to notice him, makes eye contact, gets a little grin on his face, and then whips around to knock over the hamper. Then he starts scurrying towards the lamp as if he is going to start shaking it, but his hand barely grazes it before he bolts in the other direction down the hall and towards the barricade. It was as if he was trying to slow me down from catching him before he made it to the back room. This went on a few more rounds until we could distract him with snacks and cartoons. Yikes. 

And because my post is all over today, here is an interval treadmill work out that I will be doing to switch things up a bit. I did this yesterday and was sweating buckets (nothing new). So if you are like me and like running (psychos), but need to switch things up a bit, give this a try: 
I found this on Pinterest but modified it a bit. A lot of times with running routines I go as fast and as long as I can that day. It doesn’t mean I follow the routine to a “T” but I try to.  Some days I do more, some days I do less, and some days I just do it la du it. J
And now I am cutting myself off from rambling even more.

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